New in the collection. Always sinful.

I believe I HAVE mentioned before that I love rubber stamps. It’s one of my greatest loves and I don’t care if its unpractical and I don’t use it..

It’s *still* my love.

So today I got the, what I feel is the greatest buy of my life. (That’s a lie, everyone knows that, who’m I kidding?)

Anyway, so this set that I bought, I am extremely pleased with.. It makes me want to write letters to people (pls let me know if anyone wants to be penpals.. I’m serious as a heart attack. I really want one) and its so solid and you can just freaking tell that for the amount you paid for this? It’s of great quality.

You know how sometimes you buy those cheap rubber stamps and they’re flimsy, wobbly, the rubber isn’t solid enough and the ink pad is just too diluted/watery to even be called ink.

Yeah well this one is the exact opposite of those and you can just freaking tell

As you can see, the theme is postage. Snail mail. Which I am highly fascinated with. Ah… It’s too great, I can’t even put into words. So there goes. I can now manically stamp away.


On the left is my new XMini speaker! I finally got one to replace my old smaller one which died while i was jigging to some tunes while washing the toilet earlier last year. It was unfortunate and a total buzzkill. Needless to say, i quickly finished scrubbing the floor in silence after being rudely cut off by the speaker. Was it “baby one more time” by Britney? always a classic that one. I manage to scrape enough to get a new one now!

Now i can annoy my family again with my choice of music! Yay!




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