As Saturday hums closer..

So here’s a small haul post! It was one of those lone break times I was having and there happened to be an atrium sale.. And I’ve *always* wanted to try Elf. Cos they don’t do animal testing. So why not?

Been looking for kabuki brushes too. Inexpensive ones.


1.Elf brush shampoo. I wasn’t sure if I needed this since I usually use normal shampoo and I don’t use animal hair *throws a filthy look at goat or squirrel hair makeup brush users* but I bought it anyway. It’d be great to use their own “proper” shampoo although what’s proper, I don’t even know anymore. I’m beginning to feel like those brushes are just like pets. Anyway the shampoo says its “an anti bacterial brush cleanser for thorough cleaning in between makeup applications”. Not sure what they mean by “in between”, if they mean I’m going to rush to the toilet to give a 5min bath for my brushes while I’m applying make up.. I’m not so sure.

Heh. I’m kidding, I’m really liking this small bottle. It’s really neat. And I’ll definitely try it soon.

2. Elf Studio kabuki face brush. Lookie! I now have my own kabuki brush! I’ve always wanted one! Because they’re small, fat & so fluffy/furry/soft. Anyway, it’s made of Taklon and its SO SO SOFT. I’m raving. I’ll probably fall asleep snoring while brushing my face all over with this.

Also I’ve always thought owinge’s tail is somehow like a kabuki brush. Just look:

Oh. Oops. Is it putting you off? I’m not sorry. Now, keep reading *grabs your head right back*

3. Elf Studio baked blush inChicky peeky picky Chicky Peachy Cheeky. I’ve always had a soft spot for baked blushes & baked eye shadows. And I’ve always been into the slightly tan “glowy”, mild shimmery and peachy bronzy shade.. I like the warmer tones. So I thought this was so perfect, although a bit nothing out of the ordinary for me.. Since I’ve been using this kind of shade for two years. But I was actually gauging that it’d blend so beautifully well with my bronzer. So there goes. Sigh. I’m so comfort zone-y I think I might just cry. It’s time I donned blue blusher. Yes, blue. No, no, you definitely read it right. What? No. I said blue.

4. Earrings. The stud definitely work-safe/approved and the other gem is just so pretty.


5. Triangle Makeup sponges. Excellent for liquid makeup and to blend into hard to reach corners of your face (e.g sides of the nose maybe) They can also tap dance across the table while you’re putting on eyeliner, it says so at the back of the package.


Well no they don’t really. They do fire performances and sword swallowing actually, I’ve seen em at it.

K. Maybe not.. I just thought to spice up their “resume” you know? Like why you should get make up sponges.
Ah well.

So that’s it. I’m gonna pull a Schwarzenegger and say I’ll be back

Till we chat again. 😉



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