Nail art trial & error

So I’ve had to prep this venture at night because otherwise the Tiger would scream. Not knowing where to prop the nails, I propped it on an old box my iPod came in (I still keep this kind of things)

Actually I had no idea how to start even.. But I went on. So this is a start! I’m waiting for the set to dry.

I’m actually kind of sad there’s so little deco to play with. I am starting to realize the gold glitter is too little and I’m being stingy with it. The amount of layer one had to put on these falsies would make any real nail break. So unhealthy I think. This is light & so wearable! I want chains & those little clay flowers maybe. I didn’t like the stickers I saw but maybe I can keep a look out on other stickers.

I definitely need a thicker gold varnish (this one needed freaking four layers! Maybe cos I was using the clear nail chips, I dunno.. It’s not thick enough for me..) But I don’t know where to find. Maybe eBay. I was browsing eBay and what a glorious place to shop for supplies of all kinds! So yeah.

Gonna keep a lookout for rhinestones & gems.

Well. Just a short one then. Bye!


These are quite bad actually. But hey! It’s mine. ^^ I could’ve placed the stars slightly sprinkled or maybe more with design in mind… Hmmmm


What’s next!


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