$20 nail kit

Right. So I totally went to town at daiso today. I *love* that place.

No tv for me! These are usually my entertainment:
•playing with.. make up.

And now I wish to add a new one to my list.

•amateur nail “art”. I’m completely rubbish with nail art but I love it. Just not on my real nails. Such a hassle. So I bought artificial ones! Faux nails. 😀 I probably have to buy some nail adhesives / glue (I prefer adhesives.. So a girl can reuse the nail to her hearts content)

So at the end of the day, it’s just peel off. Hassle free, see? Whatever it is, yes I am aware I can buy ready-made faux nails at the shops! (I surveyed, they’re $6.90 and above) and most of them look too “kawaii” for my liking. So I bought my own starter kit. I’m still missing a few things like adhesives and glue, tweezer(s), toothpicks, buffers etc and more deco. But those could be acquired with time.

I guess it’ll be fun. I really wanted to try using pretty fabrics on but I don’t know how (brocade maybe… That’s what I had in mind) maybe ill google it out.


I wanted black also, but daiso, being Japanese, is all for the pinks & glitters and bows. Ain’t got no black there. Oh, yesterday I saw the CUTEST black quilted “Chanel” inspired nail art on somebody’s Instagram.. I’m head over heels. I must get that matte varnish if that’s what it’s called (I’m noob, ‘scuze me)


Looking forward to a colorful day alone! I just wanted to stay home that’s all. I’m so happy that I’m able to feel entertained just like that. o_o

Next up; I want to collect all the office-supply pre-inked stamp (k not all, but I really wanted some like “Draft” and “original”, rubber stamps of all shapes & sizes! Ink pads.. Omg. The whole freaking stationary store.

I think I need a whole new larger cupboard. I’m not kidding. I need 2 levels for stationaries & supply stuffs, 2 whole levels dedicated to beauty, and the other remaining levels for my books. Sigh. In a perfect world, that would be reality.

Oh of course I need a desk too. A complete study table set. Universe, is this too much to ask for?

and Mr Universe just looks down disdainfully at me and pointedly ignores me.



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