Parcel Monday from Naughty little Stitch!

Yay!! So I finally received my order from Etsy store Naughty Little Stitch that I instantly fell in love with the moment I saw it on tumblr! Placed my order on the 12th and TADA it’s here today!

It would look SO DAMN good in a library I am hoping to one day own! It doesn’t hurt to get some props now does it? The frame is so light plus it’s MAGENTA! I’m into pink nowadays. I must be losing my edge. Geez.

Now, if you guys are into sweet looking things with an unexpected twist of sass, and of course if you’re looking for cross stitches, then look no further.







All the way from Belgium. Sigh. I can smell that fresh air from inside the bubble wrap. Anyway, I chose this message because it just spoke to me. She has some other naughty little stitches of course but I liked this the best. Ever since I opened up an Etsy account (just to shop around of course.. What am I able to sell? I can’t even blog properly), I’ve been trying not to browse too much.. What with having a PayPal now.. These are dangerous times. I might be a little too card-swiping happy a little wee bit too much.. I’m always on a frenzy of one kind or another. Such an unhealthy habit. Leaves a person high & dry you know.. But if they let you buy such beauties over the World Wide Web.. Why the heck not!

Ok. Forget that. There’s every reason to disagree with me. But I absolutely love cute sassy things like these.

Next, I’m looking out for a bigger better Swiss Army knife.

Today I bought the unlikeliest things a person can ever associate with me. I bought fleece blankets! And a nice slim handled torchlight. Everyone needs a torchlight in their lives do they not?? (Im hoping to use it for bedtime reading.. Or not. It’s bad for the eyes though.. Still pondering) Anyway, the fleece blankets.. My first ever (I’ve never owned any fleece before. Heck, I live in a tropical island.. People here sweat to their deathbeds) were bought because we DO have bouts of rainy/wet season. Right now is an example.. I, for one, LOVE rain. Very much. But mostly I think I bought them because I know I can share it with a nice warm kitty cat.

And the torchlight, is just something I’d like to bring around.. What with trains breaking down few days a week, and them tunnels being on fire… I might even use it to club somebody’s head.. You never know. Be creative, no?

Ok I’m done. I will be back soon.. Writing about some products & maybe books I’m reading; right now I’m reading Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier . It’s time I started blogging again. I haven’t written anything intelligible for months now.. My diary entries are just in point form like I’m too physically challenged to do anything else. The only things I’ve written are silly shite on customer profiles (at work) about how they need a beating they’re rude and their packages need extension or whatever. What has my life become! Preposterous!

P/s: just a week ago I learnt a new word. Being rather limited in my vocabulary, I’ve never heard of the word “phallus”. But I do now. And I am gonna call anyone who annoys me, phallic-face. Oh I am the epitome of grace and sophistication, haven’t you heard? Thank you…



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