Holiday treat for me!


Hello! Just thought I’d smugly share this photo with the World Wide Web tonight. Went on a naughty little trip to Kinokuniya bookstore (a very, very dangerous place for a book slut with little self control.. Like me) and I just fell in love with the little summary at the back of this book.

It’s about this young boy, Peter Nimble his name is. He’s blind and an orphan.. “Who also happens to be the greatest thief who ever lived”

This book promises magic, adventure and strangeness. A very potent concoction, one I would very much like to be the signature taste of my shelves. :B I love children’s books. I hope I will never ever tire of reading them.

Can’t wait to start on this, however I will let it rest first.. While I continue on my Re-reading of Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix. One of the most amazing fantasy YA writers (there are many of them of course.. DWJ, to name one randomly) I’m on Drowned Wednesday now.. **eeeeekkkkk!!! Can’t wait to start, I just finished Grim Tuesday this afternoon in the bus on the way to Kino. Okay.

On a side note, I saw this beautiful cookbook:



Enough saidshown. I don’t think I could buy it today.. That would be very wrong, but so right! But oh well. I hate when my conscience starts speaking to me.

Good nights! (Hope everyone had a wunnerful holiday/ day off today!)

I’ve more to show & tell sigh. But I’m not that disciplined anymore. Ah. I will though.. Soon.


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