Bunny (and other animals) friendly bathroom. :)

Today i’m just gonna share about the accumulated bathroom products that i use, and like obviously since i’m buying them repeatedly, that are cruelty-free. Meaning they’re not tested on animals. Will just share what i have in the bathroom if you don’t mind..

I’m very conscious about buying brands and products that don’t test on animals for body care and cosmetics. It’s one of the most important quality that i look for when i shop (well, i don’t shop.. but when i do..) To me, it’s to keep me clean and fresh and maybe smell good a little, i don’t know aite. But it’s a necessity. So when i do shop for them, i try to make compassionate choices where i can. And you know what? You definitely can. You’re a consumer, and as a consumer you have this thing called a right. You only don’t really have a right (not in human terms anyway) if you’re a cucumber. And maybe some other vegetables.

So body care (lotions, shower gels etc) are one of my well-liked topics. Not my favourite, no. But definitely well-liked. I’m going to show you what i have been using. And i’ll talk a little about them. If they bore you, then i’m not really sorry. So goodbye.


For shampoo & conditioner, currently i’m using Original Source. As seen above, they’re not matched either. I mean white pear + avocado shampoo with mint conditioner — whuuuuuttt?? Beauty gurus all over the world are shrieking in horror. Well, to me there really isn’t anything wrong really. I mean, as long as it washes my hair right? *shrugs*

Anyway, Original Source is a UK brand. (you can click on their name to go to their website) and they are a *Vegan* brand. Which is awesome. I didn’t specifically look for them when i found them, but i found them anyway.. I’m a slut with shampoos. I sleep around with them, never stuck with one. Previously i was using Avalon Organics.. (more later) but they were pricey for my purse at the moment when i found OS. I’m not really complaining. The mint conditioner is MINT! it’s so refreshing. But my hair is naturally dry and frizzy and it doesn’t really do an *amaaaazing* favour for it but whatever. I don’t care. I’m NOT going to consciously buy from brands who hurt bunnies just to get silky hair OHKAY. It’s just not worth it.

On the back of their bottle, they said:“We care, Do you? We don’t test on animals. In fact, we test our products ourselves and only if we absolutely love them, will they make it to a shelf near you. Also, rest assured that this product has been domestically produced to minimize product miles”

Talk about dedication. O_O

I like OS though, and would probably buy myself repeated bottles of them goodness. They smell beautiful.



This, up here is a tiny sample sized bottle of Lush conditioner, which Shabby bought for me for my birthday present. I’m not sure if i’m bringing all the boys to the yard yet.. *looks around me* ummm… maybe they’re sleeping or something. But anyway, this conditioner is as it’s name is: lush. I need to use a lot of it though.. i don’t know if it’s cos of my unruly long hair or cos there’s a lot of hair.. but this does the trick. It’s smells all vanilla-ey and pretty.. and.. oh well, you gotta get yourself some. It’s texture is creamy (and yummy actually. every time i use it, i’ll stare psychopathically at the gloop on my palm and just feel tempted to lick it. OK. WEIRD TIME. but i don’t lick it eventually. or maybe i did…mmmmuuuahaahhahha…)

As you can see from the first picture, Lush is dedicated in preventing animal testing (a noble cause.. *curls the tips of my mustache*) and as they say about their own conditioner: it’s thick, but not heavy. It is now 7pm and my hair still smells vanilla-ey. The reason this bottle isn’t finished yet is because i am rationing it. I know i want to get myself some.. but i don’t know when, and till that day comes, i am hoping the amount of gloop left can still be used. HAH. Talk about cheap. But anyway, for this one, you can buy online. from their website. 🙂


So collectively, this is what you will find in the bathroom . Tigermom says i have too many products. Um, i disagree. HAVE YOU SEEN OTHER PEOPLE’S JUNK?! geez. those people have issues man seriously *flicks hair* this is nothing as compared. So from left to right:

– Lush’s American Cream conditioner. (funny huh, with three conditioners and nothing has a cure for my frizz & dryness.. oh wait.. because i’m so irregular with them. My bad.)

-Original Source shampoo (and conditioner…)

Avalon Organics Volumizing Rosemary conditioner. This is my back up conditioner, you know, in case our flat needs to be quarantined or there’s a plague or none of my clothes are washed or maybe i broke my two front teeth and  cant bear to be seen in public, then i’ll use this. Because the other conditioners have finished.

Now Avalon Organics, i bought them because they’re under the Leaping Bunny Program. They have this logo:


Which is basically a guarantee that it is cruelty-free, so if you’re shopping compassionately, please do consider looking to the back of your product and see if they mention they’re vegan, or if they have the leaping bunny logo or even simply say they’re not tested on animals 🙂

There are many, many, many brands that are under the leaping Bunny Program, and if you need a guide or a little nudge in the right direction, then please do take a look here. The guide lists EVERYTHING from your cosmetics, to your companion animals-care (simply to say, pets), personal care like bath & body, fragrance, hair, even condoms (told you it’s everything) and then also household products like bleach, car care.. oh for crying out loud, just click on the link and check it out yourself ok.


Himalaya Herbals I am **VERY** partial with this brand. Clearly i’ve been saving the best for the last. I use Himalaya’s everything. But they are so very elusive! Do you know how ST and i broke our backs just trying to find their shampoo?! Those were desperate times (poor, and shampoo-less) and it just so happened we passed by a Watsons that happened to be selling it. Haven’t found another Watson’s thats selling it lately. Anyway, for Himalaya, i *love* their facial foam and nourishing skin cream, i love it so much. I have never loved a product as much, Himalaya is just so kind to my skin.. and they just friggin work, ya know?

I love their facial scrub and their face packs (especially the Neem face pack),they have an extensive range of scrubs & masks & face packs and i just want to try them all. I’ll probably be a life long customer of theirs. O_O is that bad? They even have  animal care products. ^^

And they don’t test on animals. 🙂

So that’s it. That’s the end of my list for my bunny-friendly bathroom. I haven’t got everything covered for the whole house yet, I intend to make it cruelty-free all rounder.. that’d be a challenge. Considering my stubborn & extremely cynical Tigermom.

So in conclusion, you don’t have to use products that test on animals, because then you will only be supporting these companies to continue hurting and torturing innocent lives for products that are catered to human consumption. It’s no excuse for us. Besides, how old fashioned can these companies be? There are always alternative ways of testing products to determine if it’s safe for humans. Get with the times, China, lookin’ at chu.

On a mildly related note, recently Urban Decay wanted to start selling their stuff in China. China,  requires animal testing, and Urban Decay, is a brand known to be cruelty-free. To keep it short, if they start selling there i am going to STOP buying from them and there will be an uproar from UD customers all over. But they backed off the decision. But to realize that they actually considered the commercial oppurtunities instead of sticking to their own values… I’m not sure if i want to buy from them anymore.. Sigh.


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