Short rant.

Okay, so tempers have been very short. Sparks fly at the slightest things. Lots of whining. A lot of discomfort. And all because of the damn toilet renovations the government has so very kindly forced unto us.

I’m not complaining because last i heard, when the contractors were checking the condition of our wiring and our toilet in general (the one in Tigermom’s room.. which is the one i use always), apparently the wiring in the walls were all filled up with water (damn my neighbor upstairs, why you leaking for?!) and if the toilets weren’t renovated and nothing was changed, and the leaking is still going on, then maybe today you wouldn’t have been able to read this entry at all, and somebody would find me in my own toilet, naked and electrocuted to death with my hair standing on end and terror on my face.

What a pretty picture i just painted. ^^

Well! whatever it is. That is not the situation we’re facing right now. Right now, we’ll be seeing a new toilet with new pipes and new everything.. also a new door and gate. umm. Which is thrilling.. But the days leading up to that result is just very trying.

The whole family has been holed up in one tiny room for umm, let me see..


About four days now. It just makes me feel like we’re in that show on TV called Renovaid or something. Living in squalor. It’s hysterically ridiculous.

And it’s supposed to take about ten days. Next thursday was the designated end date. I’m excited to see results. ^^ It’s just awkward & uncomfortable not having much space to move around in. Also, sleeping! Sleeping is just.. i don’t think i’ve dreamt for the last four days. That’s all. But it’s okay.

The kitties are okay too. The first day was the worst, we had to coop them all up in the same room because that was when the whole house was being sealed and all the drillings were going on and it was SO GODDAMN noisy. They were petrified. All except Anson was in the room. And we couldn’t get to him because he ran to the next room (where the toilet is.. silly little twit) and the room was sealed. At the end of the day,i found him crying pitifully and he had actually peed on himself. Poor baby 😦

Also.. we have the temporary toilet.. it looks.. umm, space age, capsule-like. It’s actually quite fun to shower in it. It’s so tiny and navigating in it could be a pain in the butt for some people. But strangely enough, i like it.

And oh, look.

My short rant, isn’t that short anymore. I should change the title but i can’t be bothered to.


P/s: i’ve got my iPod 5! i’m supposed to talk about it.. but..omg what’s wrong with me. Choosing to talk about toilets over the iPod!?

Pp/S: I have decided that for the book blog, i’ll just categorize my entries. So that everything will be in one place.. in wordpress. πŸ™‚ In case you, my friend, areΒ  lost, i have set the settings so that only two posts appear in our browsers, so you may scroll down and see all the recent posts, archives and then the categories (which are like files. If you like libraries, like i do, they remind me of cataloging which ironically, i suck at.) I’m hoping to expand my categories with topics close to home. ❀


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