Want List!

I Want..

Th* The iPod 5th Gen. This super sleek, super sexy and super-everything is all i’ve ever wanted. I want it so bad i would donate Owinge’s (my cat’s) fur to charity to make funky coloured wigs. No seriously, i am seriously obsessed with this. I am not a techy girl, heck i can’t tell a Ram from a Processor. See? i don’t even know what i’m talking about, but this takes the cake really. The specs just grabs at me with long cold fingers that refuse to release me even after i’ve moved on to another website. THEY JUST SCREAM “BUY ME! TAKE ME HOME! I’LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU” — i do not doubt it, iPod gen 5. No sir.

First of all, i love how skinny it is. I like it cos it’s slim, slightly wider and sleek, it comes in vibrant colours (i love colours!) i love all of it’s qualities aesthetic-wise. 🙂 i do, very much. I may be chubby, but i love skinny things. Skinny notebooks not so much, i like my notebooks fatter and thicker, but of course depends on the design but we are so not talking about notebooks right?? That is another post altogether. We are talking, for the first time on this blog, even though i am not sure what i am talking about, TECHNOLOGY. yes! i never thought it, but this blog has revolved around me yabbering about books, my notebooks & stationaries and make up quite a bit. In fact, i am quite old fashioned i even sicken myself. I never realized. Well, i guess subconsciously aware but never fully processed that extremely delightful and enlightening fact.

Secondly, to continue with my list of likes about the iPod 5th Gen, i really like the improved camera and video quality. As of the moment, i don’t have one (a camera i mean) and i am highly considering this for those functions to be honest. Oh how i’ve missed peppering my entries with photos. Of our cats.. of my friends.. of me.. erm.. It’s not important, since i hardly take photos anymore. But it’s a good upgrade.

My friends and even family have asked me countless times why don’t i just get an iPhone. Umm well, no reason. I do like the new iPhone 5. Because of it’s aesthetics (slimmer and taller.. ) and of course what difference is it with the iPod right if i really am getting it. The difference is, i don’t want the phone function. Do not ask me why, i have no explanation for it. I just don’t want it. I rather like my phone separate from my music player and “digital notebook”. It’s just my preference. As illogical or nonsensical or plain wtf-ery as that is.. i bet somebody out there reading this is already judging me.. But, hate to break it to you.. It’s the truth.

Thirdly on my list of likes: All the pre-programmed apps it comes in. So efficient. It also has Siri, not that i’m particularly fascinated by that feature as of now but it’d be interesting. Have read (in passing) so much about it! Although i have a feeling i would just shut that feature off because i’m not particularly fond of the idea of a bodiless robotic voice reminding me to do things. My mind might just process that as noise and i’d get frustrated. Which is ridiculous of course, never said i wasn’t ridiculous in the first place. Umm.. i’ve been known to tell TB to get a quiet motorbike — which obviously doesn’t exist. So that’s a tall order.. But i’d like to try Siri. 🙂

It also uses the new Lightning connector. I like the name. It sounds so high velocity-like.

So bottomline, all i can say is i probably am in love with how it looks and all the selling points. Apple, you people have excellent marketeers. *applause*

I daresay you’ll have a really keen upcoming order in a few days time.

You know, i’m actually supposed to be in bed. So goodnight now world..

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