Good morning!

Hi! it’s me again! Good morning. 🙂

Hope you had a good night’s sleep!

I’ve just been through my LJ (ahem.. homesickness) and tried to find all my favourite posts. My favourite posts may not be your favourite posts.. But you know what? i don’t really care. These were the posts i had so much fun drafting out.

Here are links to two of them them, of course they’re already imported here to wordpress:

The Shopper Story

The Guide to 9 Types of Shoppers

Ahh.. i think i really like the September 2011 posts collectively, if i may say so myself.

I miss working at Topshop, there’s always a variety of interesting people there, but it’s so much hard work. Do you know, when i worked at Topshop, we go home late, and sometimes the next day, we’ll have to be up and about really early. The only perks of the job was the colleagues, the freedom of style and self expression and the no-rules approach, the music, the variety of weird customer encounters, the camaraderie.. ok fine. It’s everything. Except the pay, working hour, and towards the end, for me, was the management which made me leave the place eventually.

I guess, one has to move on. It was fun while it lasted.

I believe in life, you have to have one period in your life where you had the most fun, so that you can look back on it and smile. 🙂
Enough melancholy! It is a beautifully bleak day as it is.

Anyway, i’ve been thinking, should i continue with my separate book blog on blogger? or should i just put everything together here on my wordpress and then make a new category file for book posts. And any beauty-related posts, And everyting in between.. sigh. decisions..


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