Migrated Platforms! Celebrate!

Hi everyone!

I’ve finally gotten enough courage and wit about me to migrate to another place now. I’m now in WordPress! 😀 I’ve been told wordpress is amazing and after lots of frustration & tantrum throwing (because i can’t figure out wordpress) and after i’ve explored the surface of the iceberg, i like what i’m seeing so far.

WordPress is.. well, very word friendly. I mean duh they are supposed to be blogs. But what i mean is, it’s not kiddy nor flakey (*cough* blogspot *cough*), And i feel like i can write and write and write without feeling tired or losing my train of thoughts. I suppose that’s a personal opinion, whatever. Although it is a little hard to figure out, i’m glad to re-marry another platform now. I’ve been with LJ for four years and i did love LJ. I swear. It’s just that one drawback that they’re not completely flexible with codings. Not that i’m code-master and i’m stamping my feet because i need the freedom to alter my themes drastically (no, i’m actually clueless about these things) There were just some things i’ve been dying to install but never managed to because LJ wouldn’t allow it, UNLESS i get a paid account. Which is so uncool. No really, what if i don’t want a paid account? See what happens? I’m moving. I’m packing my fluffy blankets and my teddy bears and i’m moving.. and.. BAM. i’ve moved, LJ. After four years of a very controlling relationship.

Aww. Now i miss my LJ. 😦 I’m sorry i had to leave you, but i need a new horizon. Which i think WordPress is able to provide. For free. With more flexibility (i hope)

And.. WordPress has very powerful tools and functions, like password protecting individual entries, which i think is a mega brilliant function. I like giving out passwords to friends. It’d be so exclusive. A function i don’t think i’ll be using any time soon. But it’s handy to know about and have at your disposal is it not!

Another thing that i like, is the word count feature! Which is extremely neat.. considering my circumstances right now too! So.. i love it!

I’ve also imported the whole of my Livejournal (since 2008 posts) on to my wordpress! Which is nothing short of amazing. I don’t want to entirely leave my “past”, so i’m taking it with me. All the pretty & ugly memories. All of it. is here. They’re making a home here.

I’m here to stay.

I hope i’ll be very happy here and we’ll be together for many more years to come.

Cheers WordPress! Three raving reviews about you couldn’t be wrong, unless they’re on the same drugs together.

Hugs & kisses,


P.S i hope one of these posts receive comment. i’d love to see how it’d look like. O_O No obligations!


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