New blog up! : I’m a bender // Akon’s Chammak Challo

Man.. i love chicks ya know. To me, it's never about the gender. It's about the love i feel towards someone.

I love hot chicks. cute chicks.. especially chickies with tufty blonde hair.
You wanna see some pictures? to perk up your evening maybe?
Because good things must be shared.

And also because imma keep it PG, i'll put it under an LJ cut, ok. dayummm these chicks are tasty.

Tell me if these chickies aren't cute and i'll eat my toes. See the little "brunette" ones with their markings! Awwwwwww… i just wanna lift it up to my lips and cuddle it so hard. GAH. 

Anyway! I just actually wanted to share this Hindi music, the friendly witches, that is my sisters have infected me with. No, wait, don't leave yet! I didn't think much of it also when force-fed it to me yesterday night.. but after the second time i listened to it, damn is it catchy or what! And the dance moves were fun (umm, yes we've tried it at home.. Oh don't be a stiff, go on, try it.. you know you want to)

The title of the song is "Chammak Challo" and guess what, believe it or not, It's sung by Akon! I know! PLEASANTLY SHOCKING. 

In the video below that shows the makings of the song, Akon is seen practicing all the hindi pronounciations, which was really good effort from him, and endearing. They were also explaining to him what "Chammak Challo" means, and it sort of means "Village Hottie" or "hot girl".. like a "small town hottie" to be really close. 

And if you're interested in the official full-on music video & you're up for some hindi dance & music appreciation, here i will present to you the party of it.. 
The one you can start dancing along to *wink wink* no i'm serious! it's fun! Gotta love bollywood.. Trust them to come up with fun moves.

Go on! dance! you little stiff boring old fart:

I wanna look this movie up. Is Shah Rukh Khan supposed to be a robot?? hmm. interesting.


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