Horror Nights 2012~

warning: Caution: overusage of the word "amazing"

this doll had the coolest make up everr. E.V.E.R

I must say that i had an amazing time at the Halloween Horror Nights 2 at USS. My ticket felt worth every penny. The haunted houses were entertaining. The scareactors did an amazing job and i really respect their ability to continue twitching, jerking and running/crawling after their victims in an attempt to scare them. They were in-character reaaaaally well! Which i bet isn't an easy thing to do for hours on end. I had a wonderful time feeling terrified, so thank you all. 

Some overdue pictures:

When we went we were rushing about in an incredibly kiasu way because there was an onslaught of people. I just wanted to finish all the haunted houses in record time — which we did by the way. 

I liked all the little details on every area (my favourite, naturally, as fieza kindly guessed correctly: was the house of dolls) and the little stories it told. 
I thought the make up and effects on these scareactors were incredible. 

We bought the red devil horns just to add flava' to the evening. It means nothing to me.

This clown came in a pair. There were two of them (okay, umm, why do i sound like i'm describing underwear..) And they were my favourite. They were mischievious and sinister and adorable all rolled oddly into one. They were hopping (i'm not sure what the motion is called) around on stilts, intimidating and hanging/draping themselves around lamp posts and teasing security cameras.. Their energy was exactly what you would expect — lunacy. It was amazing. I feel (strangely) very fond of this clown. 

And let me tell you this: the photos do NO JUSTICE for any of the characters. They did a spectacular job and nothing captured on film can beat being there itself. 

The puppet master and his (i'm presuming) minion, were excellent. This photo just makes them look like thoughtful citizens. You should've seen him on-stage. Creepy as heck! Loved it!

So there you go.

Just a short one for my keepsake. 🙂


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