November is a huge deal for me..

'nuff said.

I talked myself into joining something that i have considered throughout this whole year. Something that i really wanted to do
I just signed up a few minutes ago.. and i am terrified but also oddly excited. I feel like vomiting. I feel like telling everyone what it is (but i won't. i can't! not yet! hopefully after November.. i will) and i feel like a migraine coming on right now..

OH DEAR GOD. what have i landed myself into! I'm doing it alone, this is gonna kick my ass into seriously doing it. 

Oh, my tummy, it doesn't feel well. 

But.. but.. SO EXCITING!! I think if i do manage to do it, i will be the happiest person on earth. 

May the force be with me. Bring it on!

So, october will be busy with preps & research.

Guuuurrrl, you can do it. 

I really do feel like throwing up right now. It shows how much of a big deal this is to me. 


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