i have nothing to say in this not-so-empty post.

What a heavenly day! Spent it visiting Tiger and heading to the library to return borrowed (and long overdued) books. It seems that whenever i borrow from the library, it is certain that i will somehow end up being fined because i'm lazy to go back and return. But! i do not mind it in the slightest BECAUSE i am hoping the library will put my money to excellent and maximum usage by maybe upgrading facilities, or the **most** important, getting new books in. Maybe not entirely new, but i hope it'll be great selections really. 

Then i finally napped. Because instead of looking all bloodshot, one should rest, right?

Now I am just enjoying ovary-bursting cuteness of my favourite species on earth, animals, in this LJ community: . I miss having a kitten. 😦 or kittens, for that matter. Yes, of course there won't be any more time now to spare.. i just miss it that's all. Been feeling maternal lately (hahahahahahahahahahahha) I even want a dog (i've always wanted one) and puppies. 😦 Am watching puppy videos. They're sooooooo cute. I think i'm falling in love with little pomeranians. 

Just look at it!!! 

I want to squeeze it into oblivion. 

You know what? I need to tell a secret. Of course it won't be so secret now. And this confession would embarrass the hell out of me, and you would judge me, and i would judge myself and altogether it will be an uncomfortable thing to be confessing.

You know how i've judged people whenever they tell me they like Twilight. I've just had the most wild desire to read Twilight this morning. I am just so frigging curious what has inspired it's fanbase (almost as huge as Harry Potter), i want to see what's it's glory. I've read even more fantastic books who don't have the devotion that it deserves, so i'm really curious why would Twilight be special? I mean, so far, i only know i wouldn't like it because i've only heard Myst Exile saying it's about this heroine who is all self centered, moaning like a whale because she is so special yet she is a misfit in school or something. And then this sparkling creature that is Edward the vampire is so intrigued by her because whenever he tries to mindread her, he can't have access to her thoughts (umm, Edward?? maybe it's because there is nothing in there????). And then he tries to save her in perilous situations and he thinks her ummm… blood scent is out of this world. And then they got together. I dunno how, but they did.

I mean, all these, is what i have gathered without actually reading the thing. So don't start bashing me yet.

And then of course there was that occasion when Sara, Yaya & me went to watch the movie itself and ummm, woe is me, because i cannot even remember what i watched (it was the one where she was preparing to get married and at the end of it she gave birth and Edward had to turn her? Which is that? Oh you know the one i'm talking about) In this movie i was giggling uncontrollably and i bet i have offended the twihards sitting next to us. So…

I am very curious. The only thing i seem to have a soft spot for is the wolf pack. Because they're furry and fierce looking. (okay fine. because they're animals. I admit.) And i just have a certain impatience for Edward's moodiness. If TB were to be moody like that i would so totally slap him so hard his head will spin. Like get over it already. 

So yes. 

I am going to undertake this challenge and read a supposedly "crap" book. And see what i make of it. πŸ™‚

I am aware, that i could spend the hundreds of pages reading other books.. But i pride myself for my desire to read anything and everything i could get my hands on. If i'm curious, i should just grab it.

p /s : i do not care what the turf club does nor do i care about what is on TV. Please never call me again to do any of your surveys. Ever. 

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