Want List

What i want right now.

  • Orbital's new album "Wonky" (2012! they're not dead yet!), Luuuuurrrrveeee "Straight Sun".. I grew up with my sisters listening to Orbital and i still listen sometimes, I think growing up, i was exposed to the best music. Old school, slow & classic & all sorts of rock from dad, New Age & dance and all sorts of in-between genres from sisters, in my teens, heavy metal and lots of punk. They've introduced and influenced my music taste in a major way. 90s music will always be the best. Anyway when i saw in Juice saying that Orbital had a new album out, i was extremely curious & quite excited. What sorta sounds would there be? British music is amazing. There's a thin line between trash dance/techno and tasteful electro/dance music..A very, very, very fine line, But i think Orbital achieves just that. The former.
  • To go book shopping. KINOKUNIYA, WHY YOU NO CALL ME REGARDING MY ENQUIRIES ABOUT "FLY BY NIGHT" BY FRANCES HARDINGE. urrrrrggggghhhhhhhh…….. it's the only book i want so, so, SO GODDAMN BADLY and they don't have it. Nobody does! why!!!
  • To go for a massage, a complete spa mani/pedi (my toenails are hideous), i don't care what i do as long as it's a pampering treat for myself. I feel battered. O_O
  • New mini speakers
  • Lots of money.
  • My dinner

With that, i'll leave you with this.. listened to this the other day when TB drove me home. Brought back memories. 


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