A lazy tuesday..

with The Boy, who seems to be too big to be allowed in my house. 

The pretty girls.

The obligatory 'Jalan Hari Raya' pic we shall take. Hopefully every year. 

My favourite boys.

Last sunday was the most perfect day that i haven't been having in a long time.. It was also my first day of Raya. LOL. This year's Raya seems to be the worst. I wasn't even present for the first day. So this was the first time i wore my baju and unfortunately enough, there's a hole on the right arm pit because i happened to turn around when SOMEBODY was smoking her cigg and the fabric got burnt through (looking at you, chachalicious), but it's okay, i'm not too fussed. It's just clothes. I can always get new ones.. 

Sigh, so far, i've been quite lazy to work on my book blog. It's there, but it's just, sometimes i feel too tired or.. i'm just plain lazy. But i really, really, really want to work on it. And hopefully, once i have done so, maybe i can share it. Urgh. This laziness to blog is really killing me. 

I am going to sleep now.


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