Like finally.. a breather..+ NAKED palette makeup talk

Hi!! LIKE OMAGAD. it's like, my offday?? like.. i just cant like.. believe it.. you know? like its unbelievable.. like incredible… *twirls a strand of blond hair & starts rocking back on my heels like a simpleton*

Okay stop it Asfa.

okay it's Friday night and i'm just staying home, partying by myself eh, i've got my green tea, a nice music playlist and some snacks and a good book. WHAT DO YA THINK? HUH HUH? πŸ˜€
okay no. It wasn't how i intended to spend the day really. I really wanted to meet my friends (or maybe start making some? LOL, shut up) and i was all dressed up with nowhere to i took a new profile pic.. i decided i probably needed one. I mean how sad have my photos been lately? So TADA!

This is what happens when you gift me with a camera phone.


Anyways! Today i decided to do some product reviewing?

I recently purchased my very own…..



By Urban Decay! 

My very own NAKED palette! (i didn't really like the shades on the Naked2 palette..they were too matte, i liked the glittery ones on the original NAKED!)
Anyway this palette is only the most hyped up palette i have ever come across on. 
I've been seeing it being reviewed EVERYWHERE.. plus there's a whole bunch of tutorials for it etc etc.. I just bought it because it was my birthday. I was treating myself. πŸ˜€

NAKED palette2 (2)NAKED palette (2)

Here's my attempt. I think i put abit too much of the highlighter though? Anyway i'm very bad at applying eye shadows. 

Steps (for my own reference)
– Eyeshadow primer potion as base
– "Sidecar" in the inner corner of the eyes
– "Darkhorse" to the outer corner and blend up to eye sockets
– "Virgin" on the brow bone. πŸ˜€

Yah. Thats it. Gonna try another look soon.. hopefully. When i'm not lazy.. -.- I usually am very lazy to do eyeshadows. I cant take the detail orientation needed. 

My opinion on the palette: I like the pigmented and smooth texture of the eyeshadows. πŸ™‚ And of course, the packaging, brown velvet with gold lettering. It's partly why i bought it too: because of the packaging. HEE. I'm pretty happy with it. Anyway, that money was supposed to be for books.. but nevermind. πŸ˜€ I'll buy books next month.

Okay you know what. i've been working on this entry for the whole freaking day and i have nothing much to say. All i can think of, and refer to from my notebook is that i wanted to talk about:

  • People, most commonly, girls who flick their hair.
  • Modern technology and my theory that it has been too efficient and easy for us to exchange information that we hardly share anymore valuable information anymore. That you have to sift through A WHOLE load of crap to find something that does matter. Lets take communication (okay, imma make this really short & capsule-like), In the past, we do letter writing, correct? And as you're writing a letter, you will sit down. Comfortably, and think  through properly what you want to share. But now, with social media, silly little nuggets like "i am going to the bathroom. whooptee doo" which nobody gives a single flying banana about, is being shared. 

I just don't like that.

So anyway, i am getting really tired of being on the net and think i am going to go inside my sisters' room and pick up a book to read (i have several new ones still unread, but i  feel like reading an old favourite.)

I have four choice selections: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Philip Pullman's Golden Compass or Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series. 



or maybe i should just eat then go to bed. Afterall, tomorrow is another working day. O_O


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