Its my 21st today!

You know the title of this post really is misleading, i sound ecstatic.. but i really am still in bed and crying hysterically (heh. i kid..) I am 21 yes.. but who's happy about being older anyway?!

At least i can take comfort in the thought that i look younger..So it was a wonderful start to the fifth of August. Really, REAAAAAAAALLLYYYY unexpected. Yesterday night, after i ended work, proceeded to meet the wonderful few friends that i have. TB picked me up and we drove to Harbourfront. I was really hungry.. and when i'm hungry i'm upset, when i'm upset, it's usually because i'm hungry. I broke my fast only with biscuits! so can you imagine how starved i was at 9 plus PM? So there i was in the car with TB, moaning like a whale about how hungry i was and the fact that my friends weren't going to eat cos they've eaten. (I really felt like crying, so you see, leaving me hungry usually leads to me getting emotional.. please don't ask.)

After we've met them, i was still moaning about how hungry i was so i dragged Jerry to accompany me to eat at the Seah Im foodcourt opposite Harbourfront. It just so happens that i really felt like chicken rice and nobody was selling chicken rice at 10pm then. So i was walking from stall to stall, pouting sulkily and keeping a lookout for someone (ANYONE!) who would sell me a plate of chicken rice and i will love the seller forever and promote him to everyone i know. BUT NO, the planets were rotating the wrong way and i guess Saturn was fighting with Pluto over a sandwich and my chakras weren't shaking properly because NOBODY SOLD CHICKEN RICE. When i get specific about food, it's tough. It's either i have that chicken rice or nothing at all. Sigh. But i was really hungry and i knew if i stuck to my principles of "It's chicken rice or nothing at all", the night was going to go horribly ugly for me because i'll be really sulky and angry and depressed, I wouldn't want that, would i? Plus Jerry was just trailing after me looking resigned at her fate of being the one following me on a chicken rice hunting journey and not Chacha. Poor Jerry.  So i chose this stall who had a few measly pieces of baked/fried chicken thighs and when i looked up at the menu, they mentioned a few chicken-y rice-ish dishes. 

Oh well.

Similar i suppose.

I'd grudgingly settle.

So i asked if they sold what i'd chosen from the menu. The lady looked at me, giving me that look i've given customers alot of times when i was saying that something is no longer available.. That look i would label today as Pretense Regretfulness. That look that said "oops. sorry, did you want that? No you can't have it cos there's no more. Too bad *Shrugs*" 

Lady: *in malay* "no more.. only left with baked chicken with sambal."


You know what i did? I ordered that. I, like Jerry (who was accepting the reality that i am a picky foodie)  was accepting the fact that this was going to be what i'll have for the night. Because, you know the Saturn and Pluto brawling over a sandwich that i mentioned earlier? Yeah well, Venus decided to take a walk instead of doing her dutiful rotation. The whole universe was making sure i wouldn't have my chicken rice that night. 

So anyway, after i've had my meal.. i was feeling slightly happier and tolerant towards the whole world. 

And i felt and looked like this.

So anyway, after i'd eaten we went back to the car where the rest were waiting. TB drove us to KB.. where we chose a spot to sit down & chat. There's a real ship at KB, parked so near! and some malaysian guys tending to the ship.. I thought it was so cool. So ok whatever..

Nearing 12AM, Hilmi, Ipin & Ryan got up saying they wanted to take a pee or whatever then minutes later, Jerry got up, saying she needs to take a call, so it was just Dino, Cha & me. When they didn't return by 12.10 i started worrying, i mean how can you pee for so long and was Jerry lost or what! So i turned around and guess what i saw. I saw Ipin's face being lit up by candles in the dark with Hilmi walking infront of him trying to hide Ipin behind him but failing because as much as Ipin is a softie, he is thug-sized. So i just sat there frozen, staring at them and then turning back to look at Dino accusingly. Dino & Cha just sat smiling. As they neared our spot, they sang the birthday song and i just felt really…. touched.

The birthday cake was complete with two candles. And i really was surprised. As far as i recall, this would be the first time my birthday was celebrated for me by them. We're not really birthday people. I'm not a birthday person, so this was really sweet. Then they started singing . Thank you guys Hilmi, Ipin, Anisah, Chacha, Dino & Ryan. THANK YOU. I was being fooled the entire night about why Ryan was bringing a roll of kitchen towels (it was for the sliced cakes later).. and when i asked, he didn't answer, instead he tore one piece off and started wiping his nose. AND I BELIEVED IT. Geez, i am so naive and gullible sometimes, i make me frustrated. 

I just don't know how to react anymore. 

It's too sweet.

Below are the kind-of-bad-quality pictures of the cake and the gifts. My absolute favourite would be the CARDS!!!!! I think they're the BEST things ever to be receiving. And hands-down they were the best parts of the gifts, the gifts were secondary, what i loved the most were the voices in the cards.

Thank you Dino & Kimberly for your reaaaaaaaallly cute card! It's handmade and pink with printed hearts and the message was customized and written by Dino. I would never have associated him with pink and cards.. so i really loved it. And the message was to be expected! nothing less would i expect from him. Really made me smile, and i still keep smiling when i read it over and over again πŸ˜€

Thank you Jerry/Anisah for the beautiful Charles & Keith wallet (you can see in the second picture below)! I LOVE IT. So damn classy! And your card actually made me cry. Don't judge. Crying because it's so sweet and so true (yes, you are nasty to me. tsk tsk tsk) And our friendship really is unexpected and i'm glad we exchanged email addresses all those years ago. I love you and always remember i've got your back too ❀

Thank you Chacha for your macarons (food: the way to my heart)! and your heart shaped message! (What you say is true.. sigh)

Thank you Ipin for the book and the letter (again, more crying. bloodyhell Asfa. Get a grip on yourself!)

And lastly, Thank you Hilmi AND Ipin for the new phone (uhh, it's a Motorola Flipout as you can see in the last picture) and now I HAVE WHATSAPP! LOL. Thank you for coming one week before August even arrived, calling me at 11PM asking me to come down when i was in my PJs about to sleep and completely barefaced. And with both of you acting shifty and whisking me off to some coffeeshop in Jurong and in the end driving me back and presenting to me the phone. Gosh, you people are extremely talented in planning surprises. 

Thanks Ryan for making an appearance after your disappearance for so long.. Appreciate it!

Thank you TO ALL OF YOU.

And now, i am already late for my outing to meet TB for a day out.. So chop chop gotta rush!



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