New blog entry! July!

Wooh! i don't mean to keep posting on this journal on month to month basis. Like 'Hey! it's June!' and then the next month "hello July!" piss off. i mean what kind of a boring person does that?! I haven't been having the luxury of time, that's all babes. I'm sorry. I'm sorry i hardly post here anymore (i'm apologizing to myself really) I feel bad. I mean, this was supposed to be a commitment on my part. 

I'm not the best time manager. In fact, i suck at managing time. But now that i've found a few minutes i'm gonna input something here. πŸ˜€ So hello everyone! Hope you people (anyone who's still visiting.. and i know you are) have been doing well and prospering??? I'm working somewhere else now and i miss Topshop terribly.. and yesterday marks my first month at the new place.
It hasn't been an easy ride and i've been learning so much it is crazy. The keeps telling me i should get the self help book for stressed people. I refuse to admit i am stressed and even went like 'oh? am i stressed? i couldn't tell'. *eyeroll* 

My new place is.. sort of okay i suppose.. actually i don't even quite know how to describe it. First month was rough and some friends have told me that the first three months will be.. well, rough. I have that feeling of impending doom that i will never be able to fit in. 

I mean my manager is nice enough i suppose but she has a bit of a racist streak and mentions some stereotypical/generalizing comments about a certain race (which i AM, but she doesn't know) and i'll just be stiffly laughing along with them like aaahahahahhaa…. i know right! *stares at computer screen looking trapped*  so it's been pretty hard socially as well. I mean the job itself is hard, but now, socially? I can't handle it.

Heh. Tchuh! what am i sayin'? of course i can handle it. tsk.

And my supervisor? she's mentioned to me a couple of times that she thinks i'm not taking her seriously. I mean seriously? If i took her any more seriously than i already am right now, she'll be in a coma. This is my face, i don't know how much more serious you need me to look.  

And days back, Manager (will be referred to as M in this journal from here on so please get with the program peoples!) was asking me regarding my request for off on the 5th and 6th of August, she was asking me what i'll be doing and where i'll be going on my birthday.. and before i could say 'oh.. nothing much.. probably just buy some books and drink green tea in my PJs at home', she had cut in with a 'Confirm drunk lorh'. And i just sat there blinking, unable to answer. I mean if i had continued with the sentence i had wanted to say, she would be so disappointed, and the contrast and reality would be so different. She was probably picturing me in a bikini at the beach, laughing with a bunch of friends, swigging a bottle of booze and then stumbling about drunkenly, when in reality i can count the number of friends i have with 10 fingers and still have a few fingers left and i have never drank and that my favourite drink is iced milo. 

I can so imagine her reaction. So let's keep her in the dark about my nature and let her assume ok? This is our secret. You can't tell anyone… yet.

Oh well. So yeah. That's my first month. 

Oh, and yesterday i had this customer on the phone, wanting to book an appointment and when i told her we don't have any available slots, she had sighed heavily and said 'wow, business so good ah?' and i had replied "yeah.. it's booming!"   then she was silent for a few seconds and repeated 'booming! ahahaha! ahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' and she started laughing hysterically on the line.. 

'booming!!' she'd said again 'that's so funny!' and continued laughing for a long while and i was just staring blankly. She must have been having a rough day.  

We get a weirder bunch (and an even more trying) bunch of customers over here. It's scary. 

Till next time! πŸ˜€

p/s: i've been trying to set up my book blog but haven't found time to write content. Sigh. and i still like livejournal. 😦 But nevermind it's no biggie πŸ˜€

pp/s: Going out with TB today! whee.. watched so many movies during June.. You people watched Prometheus??? was it just me who found that one of the aliens (the one that was swimming in the black tar-like looking substance and launched itself into somebody's mouth) just looked like a dick??? i'm not imagining things am i? geez.



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