feeling kinda broken but all fixed up..

Asfa, Fashion Coordinator  had been at your service, for quite a while now. It seemed thankless recently. But the people i've met through it.. and the stories and experiences i've collected, was all worth the blood (long hours & slave-ish tasks, you might wonder.. i'm not getting into it), sweat (umm.. i think this one is clear as day.. perspiration? sweat? you know.. ) and tears (all the upsets, misunderstandings, arguments, petty fights and high strung anal characters), they all contributed to my growth socially, emotionally, mentally, obviously not physically since i don't give a single hoot about being super thin and diets (uhh.. fashion industry, anyone?), and as the days pass by i've been sticking to my jeans and tee combo even more.. which is really ironic. I fought to not fit in and blend. I never could. 

The people grew to accept some of my 'eccentricities', as i refused to be a 'fashionista'. They grew on me as well. We had an awesome time together. If not for the the lovely part timers there i would probably wilt and die eventually. But they gave me some sort of support without even realizing. I never knew how much i love them either. But i do now. 

You know the saying good things come to an end.

This marks a new beginning for me. something which i really want. I have wanted for a long time. I had known it'd come a long time ago but i was too scared. I do not react well to changes but i grabbed life by the balls. As you should. the always tells me  "if not now, when?" 

I wasn't benefiting much either. Nobody was. But people have their own paths to take. 

I'll forever remember that i had been one of the pioneer staffs for that outlet. I had watched the store when it was still 'unclothed', 'unfurnished' and a mere skeleton. I had helped set the store up, helped clean it right after the renovations.. the extremely dusty cashier counter, the shoe lounge, the empty and doorless fitting rooms. It was so very dusty and i had been so worried it'd clog up my pores.. But i am glad i had been here. 

I had been the first shoe dept in-charge and by god, did that drive me up the wall. It made me bananas.. and extremely high strung. 

It was fun.


Let's toast to new beginnings now. 

June, play nice.


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