a tiny snippet..

I remember on sunday, while on duty at the accessories and make up area, i spotted this girl. Well i didn't spot her initially, but she made me spot her because she seemed quite shifty and kept looking over at me. After afew minutes of monitoring her, she waved me over to where she was standing, so i attended to her. 

Customer: 'do you sell lip stains?'

– 'hmmm… we used to have the lip and cheek stain but they're sold out.. you could try the lip marker? it works almost the same.'

She looked at me rather unsurely, well actually, she made eye contact with me and gave me a rather Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan moment when you don't know if she's sad or happy or was it she wanted to say something but was being strangled by a tight rope (that was her perpetual expression, even when she was getting married, which i'm guessing by normal brides' standards is supposed to be a happy occasion) so when my customer did that, i bled a little inside.. 

Then, as i was walking away quite freaking out by her prolong pained gaze, she blurted out:

"do you put them on your lips?"

she is asking me if one should put lipmarkers on your lips. hmm. well, let me see. I don't think so honey, the 'lip' part of the word lipmarker is to confuse you. They're actually just like tampons.  

I tried not to stare too blankly at her and kept my rude Conscience at bay (who was struggling hard, but i taped some masking tape over his head to shut him up) I processed her question at all angles and tried desperately to recall whether i had said something about eyeshadows, which you put on your eyelids or maybe hair curling tongs, which you use to curl your hair or moustache in between the conversation about lipstain & lipmarkers to make her so unsteady and rather jarred. In the end, i concluded, no. I did not. 

So i gave a moments pause, and collected all my cool and thoughts together again, face a mask of politeness and replied "yes, you put the lipmarkers on your lips" although you can colour in your pubes with them if you want. 

Now off you and get creative with them amazing lipmarkers. 

Write in to me and tell me how much fun you had with them and stand to win grand prizes. 


p.s i love it when we're so  fully stocked with awesome snacks, drinks & cake. ^^ whoots!


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