i got my flickr account back. ^_^

Siti Nur Jerry Anisah! Look what i found:





When Hilmi had that gay look going on..


When Erwin, awkwardly enough, looks the same as he did two years ago..

ahahaha… back then i had eyelashes like Snuffleupagus from the Sesame street; He's the woolly mammoth in case you're wondering: here's a picture for reference:

He is mad cute okay. 

Back to my self deprecation, i also had helmet hair which i wore with a little puff on top.. just like this chicken:

ohhhhhhh well. I'd like to think i at least changed a little, but i think in the future when i look back at my now photos, i hope i won't pee myself laughing. There are worse photos where these came from…… you can go see if you like. Or not. 


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