about nothing in particular..

I have been trying to recover my care2 account. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what the password is, i've tried all sorts of things associated with the first ex because that is what my passwords in those days consisted of. -.- to no avail.

so i requested information to be sent to my hotmail. Apparently my hotmail account has been blocked ever since my long hiatus from the net. It was blocked because my account had been sending alot of spam. To unblock it, i had to send information to my alternative email address which was a yahoo email account i cannot for the life of me also, remember the email ID or password to.

So i'm in a right sticky situation i don't have an inkling how to get out of. I don't have my hotmail account, which is the MAIN account i have everything be sent to. So this is just brilliant isn't it. Why was i such a nerd back then huh, being so ambitious, wanting to tend to dozens of email accounts and blogs. Look what i got myself into. dammit. 

Well, this photo i posted on my care2 account, it's like being locked out of the house where you can see in through the windows but don't have the key to get inside. ARRRGGHHHH ITS DRIVING ME BANANAS.

uhh, i wrote "transformer!" because i thought my hair looked rather like the helmet headed Megatron in the cartoons… because obviously the movie Megatron is so much sexier and fiercer. 

oh god. i cannot recall where i put this purple jumpdress. I think i it gave away. Brings back memories, these pictures.. 


Newsflash: the other day i was letting the kitties play outside and i saw Owinge rolling on the floor gleefully. It occurred to me then that i am almost, in a non-direct way, kissing the floor by kissing him. I might as well just step outside, kneel down on all fours, roll over and kiss the floor myself. hmmm. It doesn't stop me from kissing him though. 

And then there's always those times, like this afternoon, he keeps tailing me all over the house.. and when i'm at the computer, he climbs on the table, right behind the netbook and sat primly looking at me. I keep wondering what he wants and even ask him questions. But he just stares. I always ask him if he speaks english. Because i don't speak kitty. /EndNewsflash.

The other day, i was helping in the FR (yet again) and it was a pretty slow day, one of the colleague was telling me about how one of his friends had entered a gay pageant.. He then added rather unnecessarily "he's more prettier than you… more sexier than you.." and glanced critically at me. May i add that this is the person who was telling me that if i ate something i'd grow fat and expected me to give a hoot about it. 

umm, with that comment, what am i supposed to be feeling? Upset because some gay out there is looking better than me? I just stared at him nonplussed. 

This is the same guy who keeps obsessing over girls skinniness. To him skinny = sexy. Which is very sad because that indicates the level of shallowness of a lost cause. He was commenting that i had lost weight (umm, i don't think i did?) and saying that my face was small (i think i gained back some cheeks.. late night snacks..), he was telling me to maintain that way because if i gained weight then "not sexy already.." (his words), Um, I thought happiness was priority? what happened to that? I felt very uncomfortable listening to him.. He then continued to talk about how he disliked stretch marks.. 

oh dear God. what is coming to the world, i hope he doesn't have a girlfriend because his ideals are impossible. She would be reduced to a nervous wreck! He is sick and shallow and has nothing much between his ears.. therefore we cannot be friends. 

Anyway, People always come up to me talking about, well, nothing in particular that i am very interested in. Like him, about being skinny and sexy, about stretch marks, about new lip colors, about clothes. 

Well, not for long now. Till i brace myself. 

Photos of Shabby's birthday on the 8th may. 😀

I have a stubborn zit on my left cheek which is taking SO LONG to go away. 
And i haven't done anything to my hair. -.- I have grown up alot and i dislike the long hours i have to wait in the salon… sigh.


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