Book of The Day!

Diana Wynne Jones' "The Dark Lord of Derkholm.

DWJ is a legendary YA fantasy writer whom i find strangely underrated. Thanks to , who introduced me to her. (: This book is a must read for all fantasy enthusiasts. Set in an alternative world whereby people of our world actually go there and treat it like a theme park, There are fierce but clueless dragons who've slept for years and aren't happy with the way their world is being run. Every year Mr. Chesney's Pilgrim parties descend there and expect to be faced withe their "ideas" of a magical world. They demand to see a Dark Lord (naturally, isn't it?) and they want to fight with the Dark Lord armies (who really are convicts who are supposed to be hanged). Well! i shan't say much more because it is lunch time.

what I suggest is, you grab this book.

i couldn't put it down. and sadly had to return it because it's the library's. I'm getting myself a copy. 😉

Okay! That is all.. have a great Friday everyone! (:


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