Book clubb

Just the other day (this abit vague… it doesn't really matter though, does it?) when The Boy & me went to Kallang Leisure Park for a day of ice skating and movie (Mirror Mirror; which i thought was quite adorable. But of course Snow White & The Huntsmen is going to trump it) it so happened that there was a book sale there! And i went loony and bought everything. HA. i wish. No i didn't *sadly* but i did buy 10 or 11 books,1for TB though (it was about that great musician Aerosmith, he does like rock afterall. I'm just a humungous nerd to be compared. You may ask him why he's with me.)

i bought:

  1. Henry Porter's "A Spy's Life"
  2. Liam Hearn's "Across The Nightingale Floor
  3. Patricia Cornwell's "Black Notice" and "The Last Precinct" (one after the other..)
  4. James Barclay's "Dawnthief"
  5.  Mary Hoffman's Stravaganza series "City Of Secrets"
  6. Peter Straub "The Throat"
  7. Hannah Tinti's "Animal Crackers"
  8. Grimms Fairy tales (thought i should've my own copy.. it's a trendy thing to add into your collection in this house.. umm. what i mean is, all 3 of us sisters have our own mini 'library' and this is a trendy thing amongst us. well, they didn't say, but i thought it's very trendy. okay whatever, i mean there are way too many versions of this collection of stories and i still think my sisters have the best ever authentic original copy on their shelves which i want to steal someday so i'm just going to have to deal with it. this book serves as a reminder. my copy seems so pussy-like as compared to theirs. ): )
  9. Candace Bushnell's "Trading up"; still one of my ever favourite chick lits, Janey Wilcox is one of my favourite and most wicked heroines.

So i am well stocked for a couple of months. Maybe three months. Plus i still have library card and stuff if times get desperate (desperate times are when i have no choice but to go shopping for clothes. which i hardly do if i can get away with it, which i can't btw considering where i'm working. But! i *do* love H&M very much (:

To do list:
-Vision board
-arrange my books on my shelf. *eeks! i still quiver with disbelief at the amount of space i still have*
-Buy moisturizer (+ review), deo & conditioner
-Find out how to flea my already unwanted & packed items.
-Decide what i want to do with my hair instead of walking around like a perpetually unkempt person.
-Drink lots of water.
-SLEEP ; today is an exception because i'm testing something out! i'm pleased with it though.
-sort daily notes and staple to journal or rewrite them and blog if possible.

the list is endless, and i have so much procrastination.

night2 then!


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