New entry! Bits & bobs of everything.

Happy 2 years and 4 months to The Boy and I 🙂 granted, I’m not the mushy type but i will still wish us well. We actually survived together nearly the whole of his NS life (nearly, cos he’ll be done in 2 months!). I’m such a super girlfriend eh. That, or he’s nuts. I’m thinking the latter. I wasn’t exactly girlfriend of the year material.. Heck, I’m not even girlfriend of the month.. Scrap that, not even ‘of the week’! If you want you can ask him why he stuck so long with me (he might have been suicidal), my unreasonableness makes me cringe each time my memory flashes back. God, I was horrid. 

Whatever it is, we got through it all. Here’s to many more to come, insya’Allah. (always appreciate those who love you dearly and would do anything for you. I mean anything, like they’ll never ditch you for ANYTHING)

We went out to watch The Lorax today and I really am so much in love with that movie.. I really must get my grubby little paws on some Dr Seuss books! 

(newsflash: I’m here typing this in the train home and I’m sitting opposite two very chubby bespectacled little boys leaning their heads together deeply asleep.. So frigging adorable) 

The Lorax was full of lessons and positive environmental messages. (it nearly made me cry, whereas the tv ad about ‘Saving Gaia’ just made me snort water through my nose and choke myself laughing. Im sorry, I know it was meant well.. But I’m sure there’s better alternatives, no? “if I were a tree, would you cut me down?” UHH, if you’re an annoying one I probably would, I’m kidding! I am ALL for environmental and animal welfare. I’m that type of person, if somebody spoke badly of their pets, I would take it personal. You’re the idiot, mofo, not your cat or dog) 

We need more educational movies like this. And I really think humankind would do well to stop all commercial and useless building of malls and/or fuckin’ condos that nobody can afford JUST because it’s a free land. (lookin’ at’chu Singapre) I mean come ON, how many more malls can you stand before you start gauging your eyes out in extreme depression , oh, it’s just me I see. I want to do freaking picnics and maybe walks or whatever. Not shop my life away because I really couldn’t care less about that. Can this country also stop costing so much? Ugh. I’m also getting really annoyed by the extreme materialism and consumerism here. Doesn’t anybody care about other things besides what fucking handbag is the latest or why somebody is wearing so sloppily or why you don’t have makeup anymore or when is that limited edition promo is ending or whatever. Like if you don’t look a certain way, you shan’t fit. 

I’m just sick of everybody going fucking PR on me. So plastic. Please don’t bother to even talk to me if you’re just talking for the sake of it cos I’m silent. I cannot stand small talk. Just don’t. I’ll humor you if it’s a good day, but in general? Don’t. 


that was a load off my chest; I mean, I was talking about The Lorax and suddenly things just got personal. LOL. 

Alright nevermind, bottom-line? The Lorax is really good. I’m glad I’ve been watching good movies recently; like Hugo! Have you watched Hugo???? it’s so awesome. The visuals are PERFECT. 

P.s I’m glad this lash curl is working out fabulously! :B today is the first day I’m wearing mascara since a week plus ago when I first got it done, it somehow reminded me of those mascara ads.. Glad I have reasonably long lashes (though alittle sparse) I know genes can be an incredible bitch sometimes, like how I’m vertically challenged, and how I’m subjected to having people talk over my head as if I’m a coffee table or something. It’s very depressing sometimes you know, or like when people make jokes of me knocking on doors and having the person opening the door looking over my head expecting somebody his/her height, or even having people perpetually talk down to me. It’s not just an expression, Urgh. Oh well, mother nature probably thought she gave me something too much and took away my height 😦 I don’t know what it is though, could it possibly be my irresistible charms? heh heh heh.. I’m kidding. I really don’t know, and whatever it is, I’m thankful for whatever I have, incase people think I’m being ungrateful. 🙂 

Pp.s helping the ST for a shoot tomorrow and Tuesday! I’m like a little kid quivering with excitement actually but I’m just gonna act cool infront of her incase she gets any ideas that I enjoy doing favors for her. (I do sometimes, I just detest the early mornings and the painful “hi im ________, so what are you planning to do in life” conversations. I dislike meeting people. -.-) 

Ppp.s a little conversation snippet I’ve kept for a long while but forgot to post:

The Boy is so funny. Not haha funny. He’s just exasperatingly weird funny. There was once we’ve just finished talking about deep things & solving our problems (after a tiny argument). So after we were sitting in a quiet, thoughtful silence, pondering it all over, he was like “hais. Now I’m worried about soccer results” HAHAHAH WTF. typical GUY! seriously. 

Sigh. Now I miss him. -.- 

It’s an official goodbye now; I really should be reviewing or at least writing a list of books read or purchased recently.. Sigh.. 🙂 


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