Hello march!

Okay this is great. I’m about to go to work but it just started raining heavily. Sorry haven’t been blogging for awhile.. I’ve been on uh.. The micro blogging site.. The one I uh.. Used to make fun of. OH YOU KNOW: twitter!

I kind of like it there.

Anyway, yesterday I went to do my lash curling, and of course I would develop an allergic reaction to it wouldn’t I? I woke up with triple layered eyelids. You know, just like those you see on people’s jowls, like triple chinned, just that mine was on the eyelids. Tsk. It’s better now I guess.

Lots of things have happened and oh! Guess what, I cleaned up my wardrobes (finally! Go buy 4d! Confirm win!) and there is so much JUNK it is ridiculous. I had four huge bags and I started at 4pm and cleaned till 8.30pm?? 2 huge bags are for charity and another 1 bag and a half is for me to sell. If there are interested parties of course. I am REALLY REALLY keen on doing a flea market, it’s just I don’t know how and had been too lazy to look it up. I want to book a booth at the flea they have every weekend. I am going to sell my stuffs really low. Like what, five bucks maybe? And I dont know why but I keep on thinking about whimsical cupcakes to add to it. -.-

I’ve been busy reading up books and I’ve still got more (after the massive clean up I now have ample space for MORE!) and been adding notes to my notebooks and stuff. Observing the world etc.. I would update another day cos right now I have to get out and attempt trudging through the pouring rain. Just to get to work. Which I feel like leaving cos I haven’t been feeling it lately. Mostly because of the shallow way the place runs and operates. It gets very depressing. I’ll say more next time I suppose, if ever. I just feel I was never made for this.

With that said, till next time :-3

P.s I do wish I wasn’t a procrastinator. much to do, like the moleskine and those particular notebooks. I need to make a party of it.

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