To the mofo n his pathetic mustache

To that Guy yesterday on the train with the few wispy pieces/strands of hair above his lips that really resemble little gay spiders lying about with their little legs splayed out in manner of suntanning. Please okay, shame on you! I’m a girl and you rushed into the train without even considering how much like a faggot it makes you look like. I am so embarrassed on your behalf (and your mustache). You nearly SHOVED me aside, how dare you. No sense of gentlemanliness at all. Your spidery hairs above your lips suit you. If I weren’t so angry I would have stared fascinated at it and counted how many strands there were just to pass time between raffles city & somerset, you know? Singapore guys!!! Urgh, disgusting. That’s why when we SG ladies encounter nice guys, we just freeze in shock and then replay the scene in our heads in amazement and walk with a dazed look on our faces. Because we’re not used to it.

Yes not all of them are like that (I’m not even sure if Pathetic Mustache is even from here) but STILL. any nation would reject a guy with that kind of mustache and level of rudeness. Ok fine I’ll stop about his mustache (but really you should see it! Infact he has inspired a comic for me to draw in my moleskine!) ANYWAY it’s the manners that we (this is collective, isn’t it ladies?) are concerned about. Let’s not talk about kiasu-ism of our people, which in itself we already should be trying to improve and kick out like a bad habit. Let’s talk about pride. Do people not think about how they’ll be seen by other people??? Anymore? Ever? Or really, MANNERS. I’m sure while younger your parents taught you, did they not? Who am I kidding. Of course not. Judging from the way they behave. Really unbecoming.

Okay whatever. Bye.

P.s Chacha has turned TWENNY. okay. This is our journey into the twenties now. I don’t feel I’ve changed much though.. Abit nicer maybe AHEM. definitely kinder, friendlier.. AHEM AHEM but on the whole… Not much. Which’s fine by me really.

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One thought on “To the mofo n his pathetic mustache

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