Why am I so masculine?

I absolutely hate myself when people trying on clothes ask me, the complete stranger, if they look good. Just the other day as I was going about my usual duties in the FR when this young girl, not much older than me asked my opinion about this bodycon skirt she was trying on. It is just a skirt is it not? Bodycon looks good on almost everyone! I don’t think you can go wrong. There I was, feeling a little sleepy and looking bleary because it was a mind numbingly boring and slow day doing the clothes… My body functioning as it should, manually but my mind far away when the girl opened her cubicle door and softly called over to me. Because I was far away spiritually/mentally(?) she had to stand behind me and tap me from the back. Yes, my back was facing towards her and she was behind me. I swiveled quickly, startled and faced her trying to look chirpy and bright. 

“does it look okay on me?”
Uhh.. You mean the skirt?
And because the job requires me to sell shamelessly, I nodded abit too enthusiastically while staring at her bottom feeling increasingly like a gender bender. 

‘yeah! It looks damn good on you! Very nice!’ I said as I continued staring pointedly at the skirt as she turned around to prance & pose infront of the mirror.All the while with my head bobbing up and down in what i thought looked too appreciative. Then I backtracked a little just in case she was already questioning my sexual preference so I said ‘you want a top with that? ‘

You want a top with that ? 

What kind of a question.. -.- Urgh. 

She then gave me a weird look and slipped back into her cubicle. I might have imagined her walking along the walls like a crab in an attempt to put distance between us but slowly.  

And then my male colleague had a new haircut and I went “you look nice today” nodding at him, sounding like a man myself.

Gawd! Why is it I’m so masculine. Urgh. 

Oh and i swear that blond lady looked like gwyneth Paltrow when she smiled. I almost stalked her around the store but come on, im cooler than that aren’t I? And we also had a Justin beiber lookalike as I was deployed at the accessories area. He resembled JB so much so that I had to clamp my lips together to keep myself from bursting into hysterical laughter everytime he passed me by with his girlfriend. I actually looked like a toothless granny with constipation. 

He was tall and floppy haired and if he so much as stood infront of me, even if I couldn’t contain my hysterics, I would be gurgling uncontrollably at his chest height because I am so minuscule. 

Oh Selena Gomez… Love is funny isn’t it?

Alright meeting Fieza in abit!


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