Mini rant/ recollections

I had several weird customers yesterday.. When I did entrance. Lemme tell you, I HATE doing entrance. I feel like it’s just a waste of manpower really. Thank goodness I am not in level 1, I’d most probably go berserk because of the claustrophobia (it’s damn small) and strangle everyone with raffia strings. Doing entrance gives me a bloody headache (it’s been a year since I was subjected to burrowing underground in b1 like a rabbit or I could glam it up and say like a vampire) so when I did it after a year, it was unbearable. My head pounded.

“do you sell sports clothes?” a customer wearing tight sportswear asked me when she came in as I rubbed my temples.

Do we look like NIKE or ADIDAS ???

Does a cat say woof?


no” I said, stating the obvious and giving her the DUH look. And she looked around then stepped out of the store.

Then there was that random guy wearing black tee, black shorts, spectacles and was rather plump. He came in as I opened the door and stood opposite of me on the other side at the end of the doormat. I just looked at him till he felt uncomfortable. Finally he said

“air con..”
– oh..
” why is there a queue?” he asked, looking at our next door neighbor, the hot new store with dim lighting and half naked people.

– I dunno, I shrugged and looked at the ridiculous queue.

“why here no queue?” he asked and laughed


At least we don’t need to be half naked to sell. -.- but why am I being defensive anyway? There’s a thought though. If we were half naked (ewwwww pls don’t imagine) would we have a queue too? LOL.

Then there’s that hateful ang mo customer. Okay not really hateful. Just.. Irritating. I hate when ang mo customers are like

*speaking slowly*

“I came here last week and I saw these leopard print loafers. Kinda like these *rubs a black loafer hanging beside us as an example* but in leopard print.”

” You know leopard print?” she asked after a pause when im staring thoughtfully.

And I’m like why wouldn’t I know leopard print? that’s like asking me what a shoe is, or a bra or book, whatever. Why don’t you ask me where my elbow is while you’re at it? I just can’t impress upon you how stupid the question is. Does she think we’re dumb or what?? I work there, I know a loafer. I know leopard print.

Do you know what a red hot poker is? No? I’m gonna beat you with it.

Of course not all of them. Most are nice, pleasant enough or overtly friendly (which I like best) Just happens this one needs a crowbar up you know where.

Goodbyeee AM shift tomorrow.

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