sucky Xmas

Urghh. It really wasn’t a brilliant day today. 😦 could have been better. Could have FELT better. Whatever it is, I must stay focused. Only if I do that will I ever pick myself up.

Why conform?

I’ve been getting carried away recently.. I guess because there hasn’t been much break for me therefore my focus slipped. But no excuses. Everything will be okay. It’s time I don’t bother (like always) and it’s time I don’t butt in. They’re undeserving anyway.

God I hope my right eyeball will be okay. As soon as I stepped out of the building, wind started blowing and something hard went into my eye. I went into a momentary bout of blindness and rushed to the nearest toilets I could find to wash my eye out. GOD. it stung so bad. It feels like my eyeball’s been scratched and it probably is. 😦 anyway… It’s time I rested well.. It’s also time to catch up on my reading. (I’ve paused for what feels like a week) so I’ve decided to pick up a favorite title. It works well whenever I’m down.

From today on, OLIVIA JOULES and the overreactive Imagination by Helen Fielding will be my bestfriend. 🙂 damn hilarious book. (she wrote Bridget Jones) and I’m feeling loads better. This book goes well with chocolates.

Well, AM shift tomorrow! Better go to bed..

P.s sometimes I wished I didn’t work around orchard when this time of year comes around. (but kerana ku ingin mencari rezeki yang halal)

Pp.s another book store down 😦 what’s happening? I really don’t appreciate this.

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