Stray random underwears

Nowadays taking the train seems like a gamble. I know theyre trying their best to be all perfect as before (i am going to close one eye RE the MP commenting about us Malays & indians speaking poor English resulting in the utter unpreparedness that everyone faced, I think that’s being trolled enough on FB and in households, i’ll be keeping my blog clean) (to foreigners who view singaporeans as sad, pampered creatures, I will side with you this once, and yes, we clearly have never experienced train breakdowns. It’s a matter of such ridiculousness that we can’t comprehend but now we know that trains do actually break down. I know, sad isn’t it. To think I was raised here) I find it funny that when the train jerks to a sudden stop in the tunnels you know that cold is gripping commuters hearts. I just find it funny. Next time  U know at least one commuter is panicking. The one who just rushed past you straight to the door, wild eyed, trying to breathe and trying to look all collected when in actual fact he’s on the brink of hyperventilating. 

Poor trains. 

I half wish I was there when the train broke down in the tunnel that time and whoever was it who broke the window.  

But anyway, unrelatedly, as usual with my posts; I’m here to raise this question, it’s been the second time now, already, while in fitting room, we found customer’s underwear. I’m guessing she forgot all about it but I doubt, I mean who the fug, forgets their underwear after they tried clothes?! Who does that?! It’s hysterical really. In fact, It’s so hysterical that I’m typing this right now with a straight face. Really WOMAN (owner of the recent brownish colored granny high waisted panty) I guess you have many more identical ones at home? (btw, just for your info, CK Dept store has quite nice underwear if you want.. For as low as 3$. If you wanna leave the store commando, at least LEAVE NICE UNDERWEAR. WTF. It really spoils our day to see muddy looking underwear not even ours. We’re having a freakin sale for knickers! 3 for $16! Go get some. Gosh. If you STOLE any, I am so gonna curse you. I hope your pubes grow at rapid speed like rapunzel’s hair and NEVER STOP GROWING.
Then maybe you can try bunning it up ‘down there’ in your granny panties. 

Take that beech. 

Right. That’s it.

P.s getting so tired of leopard printed items. -.- stop it already. I’m into snake embossed pleather/PVC at the moment and would like to look for some fierce black colored purse of that material……… But WHERE. I want something that reminds me of my favorite snake: mangrove pit viper. (he’s handsome! He’s blue black purplish.. Gorgeous. I do not tolerate real skins though okay.)

K Bai.

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