Forgot to mention Happy Holidays to everyone 🙂 remember to eat as much as you can, whatever you can eat (that’s priority number one), love, be kind and forgive everyone :))

Most importantly HAVE FUN whatever you’re doing. Enjoy every second.

I don’t know you but I love you because I say so. Good night!

P.s to The Boy (who insists on being called The Man instead of boy but whatever) thank you for everything. I cherish you very much. 🙂 it’s always great fun with you, many many love & hugs. Always in my prayers. ❤

To the ST (if you’re reading); I hope we get to hang out soon cos everytime I come home you’re sprawled like a frog on the floor, sleeping (I’d like to say THANKS for leaving me to deal with the dirty old man on the bus the other day while u just sat beside me snoring heavily). I’d like to see you awake sometime next week, thanks…

Lastly, to myself: I will always think positive and be the best I can be everyday, I’ll always appreciate myself and continue laughing at myself and seeing the world through humorous eyes. I’ll be good to people and hope to love them and hopefully be loved in return. I’ll always be grateful for every single thing I have in my life, no matter how little or small, because gratefulness, as I’ve learnt, is the key to happiness. Only when you’re grateful do you see the beauty in everything.
I’ll promise to have a good time in everything I do and make it fun for myself.

That’s all. 🙂 I guess I’ll count these as part of my resolutions.

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