Twilight; I am NOT a fan

Okay. Yesterday went to the movies with yaya & ST and we actually watched the movie with the sparkly vampire who has no blood in him but still manages to get an erection and knock up his frail human wife (breaking the beds while at it; I suggest getting a partnership with IKEA); no prizes for guessing; it’s Breaking Dawn!

Yah seriously.

Okay, let’s get this straight. Now that I watched it, Bella actually somewhere in the middle gained my respect because of her bravery to continue with the pregnancy. (it still disconcerts me when Edward kept calling it “thing”. I mean WTF, that’s your kid) and I still find it sick that Jacob is imprinting on a CHILD, a baby for crying out loud (u pedophile) but I find the graphics (like the werewolves pack) was gorgeous. Anything with animals will always win me over.. Ahm.. I think jacob’s and sam’s fur are so… ARGHHHH huggable. Only in wolf form. Anyway that’s not the point. The point is I don’t think it’s as horrible as I thought it’d be, I still chose inappropriate moments to chuckle to myself in the theater. And well, no I’m not a convert.

So yup.

Yesterday in the bus home there was this orang tua gatal (dirty old man) who sat beside me and tried to make conversation, he even asked to exchange fuckin numbers so can go “jalan bersama” . He thought ST was my YOUNGER SISTER. I am so offended by it all. With him trying to hit on me, with him thinking he even has a CHANCE even,, with him thinking I’m older, EVERY THING.

Motherfucker, u want to “jalan bersama”, u go and find someone your fuckin age. Go mahligai manis, whatever. Go fuck yourself.

I AM SO DISGUSTED. eeeeeee I still have goosebumps right now.

K wtv gonna get ready for work.. Bai! More updates soon hopefully.

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