I keep thinking about my colleague’s pen.. :/ it looks so damn good to write with, it has a square body that narrows down to a thin nib that looks like it has good grip. I long to try it out, but I’m afraid if I do, I’m willing to whore myself out just to own it. -.- Urgh. My stationary obsession really is disgusting. 

Yesterday’s rage that actually instilled feelings of embarrassment today when I think about it.. :/ I’m sorry, turns out I was just really hungry (which explains the savage feelings I felt and the predatory glances I threw around to passengers in the bus that’s normally reserved for china customers who don’t speak English and in general, customers that need a good hard kicking in the groin area) it was bad and TB got the brunt of it. (sorry :/) and I think being a hungry girl with PMS just fanned the flames.. Oh well. 

I know I was just hungry (& PMS-y) but I might just as well mention this. People, (that stupid woman yesterday/general idiots) please hold on to the grab poles in public transports (in my case, the bus) don’t act all superhero(ine) like cos you’re not. You obviously dont have webbed feet and you fell over to the back ON ME. I don’t give a single flying popcorn whether you said sorry or not (not even in English, I wish I’d shoved you out of the door when they opened). The problem is that you were in my space. My turf and you INVADED me while I was simmering in my own personal anger and you made it worse. I just wanted to strangle you with my hair (which btw now has grown nearly waist length! Nearly, but not quite, So proud!) but with the strength of a mammoth I managed to restrain myself. Do you know how crap I feel not being able to inflict physical pain on you???? (that was yesterday, im a brand new person with yesterdays motives today) even if I bitched to you in English I’m not sure if you’ll understand. So there I was… Holding my tongue, growing purple in the face. Urghhh. 

Just freakin grab the poles next time okay? I hate when people fall on me when I’m angry. -.- infact, I just hate people in general when im angry. 

P.s choky’s been vomitting today.. And there’s blood in them, please send good thoughts over to him.. I pray he is okay.. 😦 


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