Today has been an exceptionally boring day. It’s so boring I actually feel like attacking my neighbors physically, just to add some spice to the day, maybe rugby tackling them.. Oh I don’t know.. I’m spoilt for choice. But because their homes are empty, I’m going to put those sudden rash and intemperate thoughts aside. 

The ST and I were supposed to go out and watch Don’t be afraid of the Dark.. But somehow or other she left me home alone..(she blew me off. Beech) With only my notebooks and the kitties for company. It wouldn’t have been too bad if I hadn’t keep on stuffing myself with food… Feeling oddly depressed. -.- (btw the letter I posted beneath this post probably played a part with my depression’s too sick.. And sad, I desperately wanna do something about it, but how and what..) I don’t know what to even post about today -.- I haven’t felt like posting the past few days. Nothing I felt was important enough or relevant enough. 

Just that I suddenly remembered about yesterday. We were  having a late lunch at this family restaurant while waiting for our movie. ST and I were already digging into our food. May I add, silently digging into our food. (quite a spectacle of gluttony on ST’s part actually, she wiped her whole plate clean! She was shoveling food into her mouth and said “I didn’t realize I was hungry” what kind of freak…? I don’t think her plate needed dishwashing really) A waitress flounced over to the table beside us, where two highly made up girls were sitting and waiting for their orders to be taken. After the waitress had taken down their orders, the waitress (like wait staffs usually do) started repeating the orders to the two girls to double confirm. 

This wouldn’t be unusual if she had not repeated the order in rapid monotone,  as if she’s intensely bored (hence the monotone) and just wants to get it over with. You couldn’t hear the separate varying names of the dishes that actually are stated in the menu (that is if u were me and you felt like referring to the menu as she rushed through the words like a train, you couldn’t have differentiate). For a second, she sounded Thai to me actually. The two girls were gaping at her when she finished.. Unable to understand what had just been translated to them. I nearly choked on my fishcake. Priceless! The waitress looked at them with satisfaction, then promptly spun on her heels and you could see her ponytail swishing behind her.

What an exit. 



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