Im feelin sick again! -.- k wtv. I so totally feel bad because just now some school kids came into the fitting room and then asked me to take a picture for them, but by right, we do not allow photography -.- so I said no, then they tried bargaining and my inner crook was leaning towards a yes and I might just have helped them take their freakin picture just to shut them up if one of e superior hadn’t come in to say goodbye -.- Urgh.

My charitable feelings flew out the window. Sorry girls, maybe next time.. (pls do not think I was a snob! I wasn’t being one, honest..nice Polaroid cam that thou..)

Anyway actually my purpose is to write about my near death experiences during fitting room duties. Nobody ever knew truly what health hazards we face doing FR duties, therefore I am gonna share one tale.

Actually no, no tale. I’m just gonna freakin rant cos it’s late and I just wanna sleep. Look girls, this is going to be the second time I’m gonna write and promote deodorants. Okay?? OKAY? It was closing time and this attractive looking girl was trying clothes. Her boyfriend waited outside. She passed me by and I felt like I’ve just been gassed. GASSED. U know?? Like what Hitler did? Gassing people?? The only difference between him and her is his was intentional and he gassed jews and hers, is, well, she probably didn’t realize she’s gassing people who aren’t even jews. -.- (apparently Love, as well as being blind and deaf, love has no sense of smell?? Is her boyfriend wearing pegs on his nose or what?! Or is he a… *gasp! Horror! A MOUTH BREATHER.) I could almost imagine seeing a green fume trailing faintly behind her as she passed… My eyeballs actually popped out of their sockets because she smelt worse than fat owinge (my cat) -.- and fat owinge, I love,ok, so I don’t care one way or another how he smells… But this lady… I was willing to bend one or two hangers & mould them into pegs. Or I’ll just use the clip hangers n clip them to my nose.

When she came out and passed me back the clothes she doesn’t want, colleague and me looked at each other and nervously laughed… Just holding her unwanted clothes made us sweat, u know? Like doctors during an operation… (k I just wanted to compare s’all..) *wipes eyebrows with frustration*

If I were half bitchier, I’d have taken our (air freshener) spray and sprayed her as she came out of e cubicle.. (like a overgrown cockroach?? Idk.. E image just popped as I typed that.. )..

No wonder I’m sick… Ungghh..

P/s if you’re not a cat or any other good lookin animal, please, I buy Nivea deodorants for less than 5 bucks from CK departmental stores… Heck! 7-11 is a store n more dammit, I’m sure they have deodorants?!


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