Food for thought. my thoughts, to be precise

Is it just me or did I spot something that we sell.. That closely resembles a vagina??

I’ll tell you what it is though so maybe you might wanna sleep on it too, it’s a pencil case.. At least I think it is?? I just can’t shake it off that it looks like a.. Vagina. Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I asked them.. So I’m starting to just shut up and keep it to myself.. So when I do happen to glance at it (you won’t miss it) I’ll be like.. Omg *shuts eyes tightly*

Who designed it anyway?!
And who the hell buys it?? U complete perv. *eyebrow wiggles*

Or is it just me? HEH u need to be steered in e right direction my dearest.. (how? By me asking u what it looks like of course! They most of e time get it, then they give me a slight guilty look because they figured it out and called ME a perv.. How can this be… Non cherie.. YOU were thinking it. ^^)


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