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Borders book sale @ expo last thursday! it was nuts. i started out not intending to buy anything, i thought i'd just look around and look sad because our favourite bookstore is now gone, but dammit. fiction always gets me when i least expect them to. -.- it was the fiction area i tell you… if not i'll be fine. long story short, i bought a total of *gasp* 18 books and every single one of them are gonna be in my classic favourites list that'll keep me company right into fall. well, it depends how fast i read them of course. i might need more "stocks" before long.

here's what's been shoved in my closet (simply cos i don't have much space anymore), my selection and my sisters' selection differ greatly actually tbqh. i like what they buy, and i like what i buy, but i don't think they'd really like what i buy since they're completely hardcore. i'm pretty mild to be compared, or maybe cos i'm quite universal in whatever i pick be it music or books, i keep an open mind ^^ so i guess…  i gain more. HEH. thanks for the recommendations though because recently i've been very into Diana Wynne Jones' books… i've read:

-Howl's Moving castle
-The Merlin's Conspiracy

Hexwood was frikkin brilliant. and as ST says, her style is very, very unusual. i've looked her up and people…. people…. PEOPLE, please stop comparing her to Rowling. (and that old news that Twilight is always compared to Harry Potter??? bullshite. Twilight is for twits ok?? they're so different! Harry isn't a vampire incase these people haven't noticed. god. these people just make me wanna start praying, honestly.)

back to the expo sale; i tried finding for authors i recognize.. but… umm. none. -.-

chick lits:

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this book about Evelyn Waugh, is definitely NOT fiction, but it's about the late writer himself. he wrote very witty letters during those years and is very inspiring. this book was pricey dammit but i had to get my hands on them. šŸ™‚ and i am very, very glad i did. ā¤

Culinary-themed mysteries a.k.a Cooking/food mysteries/thriller, my favourite kind of novels šŸ™‚ they're very fun, filled with lots of great looking cakes and delicious sounding food (most times include recipes) and are mystery books. what more can one ask? hmm?

i personally have spent an entire day at a library once just to complete this book by Joanne Pence called A Cook In Time (Angie Amalfi mysteries), and that is where i knew of this theme and got obsessed from there. this was months ago.. but yes. i love them. šŸ™‚ won't stop.
i advise you especially sit with a full tummy when you start reading these..

a coffeehouse mystery

this, unlike the other two, is a knitting             
mystery (never tried before, its my first)


i am so totally gonna collect this           

Picture books:

call me kiddy or whatever but i love picture books. is starting the collection from now on.

By Max Eilenberg.

My style of buying books (something i've noticed):

  • Attractive Cover. (if it's not attractive, i'll STILL pick it up and examine….)
  • the Attractive Title (if the title doesn't capture me, i'll start reading the…)
  • BLURB/Summary at the back of each book (and the blurb is MOST important, it plays a huuuuuge role in making my decision to buy or not to buy. it can be a uglynot very attractive cover and a dumb title but if the blurb sells, then i'll buy! i most of the time dont give a single dunkin' donut about the authors name; unless i'm specifically finding for a particular author's book.. so i guess. i try to be adventuruous when picking up books. and thats the way it should be. šŸ™‚

books without blurbs are very unfortunate for us readers, but most of the time they place it in the inner side of the covers. heh.
just start picking up random books the next time you're in a bookstore. (of course unless it IS a not very good book then stop yourself, duhhhhh…)


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