tired eyes

i am not one to nap. and its just frustrating me that i cant read cos my sight is blurry and sensitive. but thats ok. after i type this im gonna go nap i think. or try to anyway.

its a saturday. i cant work, (and i swear i terribly miss work), i cant go out, well i can but best not to. cant read. nothing. supposed to rest my eyes. -.- i am restless. and it just occured to me this is the only one time i have weekends to myself to do whatever i want, i havent had one since last year. sad isnt it? i havent rested properly for months come to think of it. always being on the go. sadly this little break isnt of choice.. i guess when i get better i’ll promise myself a break. maybe i really will go to the beach or some sightseeing activity. hmmm..

guess i put too much on myself. -.-

k. i cannot stand the glaring screen anymore.


p.s i am so bored. wish i could have gone out with The Boy or something. ): june holidays i will take a wkend off.


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