Note to self

Ok Asfa… U need to quit the angst. Not entirely but at least tone it down. Because this behavior really isn’t getting u anywhere and it’s bad for the universe and your law of attraction. 🙂

Try to be positive and keep aware of your thoughts. Because ‘u are what u think’.

Today was a ridiculous day starting from my back to square one itchy and still red left eye (oh. Of course it swells now too, then followed by some classroom drama (I swear I cannot believe I am facing this? Unbelievable. It is so…….. Since I was 15yrs old. Urgh. It’s so 5 years ago, hello?) followed by veg meal at little India with ST & Yaya.

I am determined be unconcerned and in control. 🙂

Oh. And at school today complete strangers kept asking me what’s with my eye.. And I been feeling like a monster (cos I look like 1) but one stranger made my evening by saying

‘so pretty u.. That’s y must take care of your eye ok?’

I really felt like crying when she said that. 😦 it meant alot to me. (I feel n look distorted and it’s just making me emotional n angry.. Hasn’t been a very nice ride..) but it made me think.. It doesn’t really matter, just as long I can still see and read I shall just appreciate n continue being grateful.

Thank u perfect stranger ❤

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