ikr PG13 post (lotsa vulgarities)

i’ve heard of Nicki Minaj but i’ve never watched her. so i went to youtube (ikr..) looking for her.
i’ve read that she’s a little strange but once i watched her MVs?

the phrase ‘fuckin’ weird’ just doesnt cut it.

and all through her videos (yes. videos, plural. several videos. i think i lost afew brain cells i need those for school ok!)
i was going what the fucks.

in superbazz video.. im like.. —> ………………………………………………. um. double u, tee, eff? freak.

in massive attack video.. what the fuck…

in my chick bad (ludacris’) video.. WHAT. THE. FFFFUCK?

i. am. dumbfounded, by this kind of music. no wait. sorry. scratch that. was that even music?! it’s noise. the whole time i was just staring at the screen in shock. i will be going into hysterics in 3… 2…

i mean what was UP with the sound? u guyssssssssssss seriously, stop f*kin around. u cant be serious???????????
if this is what you call music………. HAHAHAHAHA *poke’s my own sides to generate forced laughter* blaaaarggghhhahhahahahahhahhaa
*vomits drunkenly & wipes mouth* then you’re fucked. as in fuck your life. fuck your taste. fuck everything. u need a straitjacket u lil undiscovered freak.

ok lets look at it this way, so maybe with the video, it was all "arty" (and slutty.. it was all her tits that u could focus on), most freakspeople would call ‘creative’ and everything.. but imagine listening to that pile of feces on its own???? its enough to make me a nun. i’d take the option of taking on stampeding bulls in pamplona over listening to that. this is how strongly i feel for this kind of shittage. I MEAN U GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. (those lyrics!) they’re actually making MONEY OFF THESE??? shit man. there really isnt any value anymore in anything. its unimaginable.

why am i even watching? i am no hater on youtube (i just cant be bothered) and i swear it was just curiosity that made me look her up. but i just wanted to get with the times and keep up on the trend, whats hot, whats not, who’s new, whatever. because i dont wanna feel like somebody’s grandmother. which has been how i’ve been feeling since i’ve cooped up myself with my face in pages and pages.. its good i mean, to be disconnected, but right now? im feeling like i need to update myself. kinda like an ipod. ok wtf am i saying. look im just rambling.

but that is what my blog is for. my opinions on everything. and i dont care. i dont care if anybody reads or not. really? i’d explode if i kept it in myself. and i dont care if anybody dislikes my thoughts (we cant please everyone. haha so FYL) and besides, i like talking to myself or to a blog, a book, our cats, my ipod, a tree, my purse, water bottles whatever. so here is one of it.

p.s watching Nicki, apart from making me feel unintelligent and stupefied (amazing, Nicki.. producers and her manufacturers.. just… incredible.), at least i have something to bitch about. im not hating.. i mean sure, i am pretty positive that there’s some talent in there somewhere.. that hasnt been shown.. (and probably never will be if she’s continuing that) but yeah. fullstop. *zip*

ok goodbye *poof*