rescue pets.. (:

have been trolling youtube and i found the cutest, CUTEST videos ever. mostly about rescue pets.. videos promoting adoption for animal shelters.

here’s a few i’d like to note; they are so cute and just tugs at your heart..

this one is freakin funny and so true.

and this as well 😉

but seriously though, i really hope more people would sterilize their pets instead of letting them breed, its not cruelty. its the kindest and most responsible thing you can actually do for her and him. kind, because by sterilizing, you’re preventing any future abandoned pets. we have too many animals in shelters wanting homes. they’re lonely in there and all they want is love, its so simple. dont try kidding yourself that the litter(s) will find their way in life. they wont, ok? more than millions of animals in shelters all over the world are euthanized because there’s just too many of them, yet so little homes. can you live, knowing you gave someone life, just to take it away again? that is more cruel.

even our cats were rescues. the brothers were found in a dustbin, in a wet cardboard box on a rainy morning, if not for the kind bangladeshi worker who had the heart to take them out and put them aside, they wouldn’t be here today. they were barely only afew days or 2 weeks old. we thought they wouldn’t live to be honest (they were just palm size, but look how much they’ve grown! ok fine they’re not plants) but they did live. this is one of the happier ending stories. but can you imagine, someplace somewhere, right now, another litter is facing this fate. this is how mean the world can be. but we can prevent this. you, pet owners, can prevent this from happening.

so do the right thing, more useful info for pet care and sterilizing at SPCA’s website, here. They’ll explain in more details why you have to sterilize your pet and how much more happier and healthier your pet will be. i’m sure you want them happy? (:

p/s: there’s nothing wrong with shelter animals, like i’ve said before, they aren’t toys or gadgets that are broken or anything. they’re not accessories. they’re just abandoned, unwanted, lonely. you would be too if you were them, just like old people in nursing homes, its the same. they have feelings you know.. don’t be afraid to be nice and adopt the older ones either.. usually they’re the ones who would turn out to be the bestest friend you can ever meet. (:
-end commercial- *chey*

mini update:
i am crazy about party foods at the moment. you know, mini sliders, tacos, pies, tartlets, mocktails etcetera.. i think because of the recent Topshop F3 social date last saturday. they were serving finger foods so attractive i cannot bear to eat. pictures from that day, stolen off tagged photos on facebook:

i know right, we are so cute. i love my colleagues, and now that im hardly seeing them cos of school, i kinda miss them. =/

and then of course, on tuesday (yesterday), Vesak day, a holiday; met up my primary school mates from 10 years ago.. lol actually amazingly i havent met them for like more than a decade. and how much we’ve grown (they’re all so pretty-pretty now). the meet up was FUN. (: so glad we made it.

and of course i bought a new book of my current obsession right now..:

Party Food for Kids by Caroline Marson, and gorgeous photography by Polly Wreford. (:

hehehe. the pictures inside make me happy. very inspiring. ^^ very colorful. very whimsical.

and my black dye is washing out already ): my hair’s turning a dirty green? urgh. i think its that commercial shampoo i switched to. tskkkk.

organic shampoo, here i come.

ok bye. need to go shop buy some things. tmr is practical day. i am nervous. better sleep early.. but better read up on my notes before bed..

update 10pm:
oh my faggots. you’re not gonna BELEIVE *see got spelling error* how sexciting going out at 8.30pm for shampoo and conditioner can be!
i went out as i said to go buy shampoo and some other stuff *btw yay i feel so much secure now i have my Avalon organic shampoo n conditioner again* and after i crossed the road to afew blocks. i saw lots of people, police, civil defense dudes and the ambulances. i was wondering what kind of festival was going on *i know i am so unsuspecting pls shoot me cos nothing ever happens in my life*, then i saw the police tape barricading certain areas and people were all looking up at the nearest block.

a lady was at the parapet, attempting to jump down, half her body was over the parapet already. MAN! sumpah tragic gila + drama. so i went to the very front, being the singaporean that i am and watched. this is better than tv! they set up the bouncy thing below already so nothing was gonna happen to her i suppose.. but when she finally let go and fell the several stories (about 7 to 20 storeys?) people watching were all going "woooooaaaaaahhh….."

and im like…



im not on some filming set or anything right?

when she bounced people went "ohhhhhhh…"

now i think back, its freakin epic. many many cute policemen too. *yumm* 

but yeah.. i think the lady fainted or something and they had to put her on a stretcher. she’ll probably get fined for this stunt right? gahmen isnt gonna let some depressed person waste their time what, correct? i mean there were about 20-30 authorities there. full set some more, got ambulance, civil defense, police. very special is it. actually ok, i dont mean to sound mean. -.- but i do hope she’ll be okay and get some help. she definitely needs help. psychiatric and counseling etc.

ok im gonna stop my story now. bye.


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