why hello!

today i dont feel very well. -.- idk.. im having freakin runny noseee right now. been stuffing my nose with tissues (am going to have oversized nostrils in 10…9…8..?) stilllllll dragged myself to school thou.. (cos i love lessons… please shoot me.) and i havent collected my cheque (its so depressing) so im living on my.. umm… hehehehe money box (i’ll replenish again) and that sucksssss because i cant go to school w/o thinking of food. but nevermind… and OMG MY NOSE IS SO ANNOYING. -.- WTF. pleeeeeeaseeee dont make me ill. its practical lesson tmr and i cant possibly be cutting stuff dribbling mucus right. ): (eww?! dont think about it!)

so anyway. i suck at cutting.. but considering its like, my first few timestime reaaaally handling.. vegetables, i think im doing pretty well. o.o
i think teacher sees through me and knows i have NO EXPERIENCE. but hello, which is why i joined you guys right? cos i wanna learn.
and its only been 3 weeks, already we have a project.. kinda intimidating. my group leader is a dude, and most of my coursemates are males, and i.. i know next to nothing about all this but i really love what im studying, and i am seriously willing to learn at least the basics, its crucial for the future n for me. for survival! ok stop it Asfa..i mean even if i cant cut very well or anything, i’ll at least know the drill, right? its not so much a career for me, its more knowledge & skill for me and even if im not sharing everything, i can tell u all this will come in handy in what i wanna do. i just hope group leader wont look at me disdainfully as if i just peed my pants in public when i keep asking him questions or anything. he seems like a pro (he’s teacher’s frikken right hand man), its another reason why i feel so noob and wish i could kill myself. its embarassing. me! a girl.. urgh. but that is all going to change hopefully. i mean, its a drastic change, its totally out of my comfort zone i swear.

where did i graduate from? and which course did i jump to now???? i totally do NAT fit in gurrrl. but this is it people. my last chance to learn something new. ok fine. maybe not last chance..but its now or never. i need all the help i can get. i guess i shouldnt shy away from help or anything (who knew it’d be this tough? wtf or maybe its just me, but im liking it anyway really!)

and its weird though because i keep thinking about vegetarian foods and stuff and.. i dont know if they’re relevant.. sigh. i want to venture into veggie cooking.. -.- and health foods (omg. am i boring? now wait a minutteeee, who ever said veggies have to be boring? u gotta check out some of the recipes i’ve come across lately and they sound so frikken sex, i want to convert. but im not.. not yet i mean. but i really would try making some one of these days (ummm… hopefully soon..)

so.. according to my mood right now, im nervous. nervous about tomorrow’s practical. (but our tools are so koooool peoples! i so need to snap a pic.. should i.. should i not.. *picks off petals off a flower while debating on this*

but i should just say this, no matter how nervous i am, i.am.excited actually. hee hee.

and despite my not feeling well today, theres photos!!

pastry boy after his bath last week (:

my hair length now! 😀 i is so freakin prouuud. and yes its dry.. but who cares! (i do.. but nobody else should!)

my moleskine reporter notebook. its my darling-est notebook to date. (: and as of now, so full of such interesting information and stupid comments by me regarding stuff. i love it. i think i need to transfer my notes to ‘nother notebook though..

on regular school days…i look like this.

on weekends working at topshop, i like this. you know why? because the look above this look is forbidden over there. *shrugs*

Revlon colorburst lip gloss in hot pink. its good! (i wear it over my silkygirl gloss on though to have that kind of shine like from left photo)

ok fine. i took these photos cos i was bored at home. and the camera n make up bag was there. and my face was pale. so i did what i did. hmpff. whats a girl to do.

bye. im gonna eat, write then to bed (7 freaking 45 AM tomorrow morning ok… -.- wish me luck! pray i dont cut my fingers, OMG which reminds me, one of our classmates cut his finger(s) on our  first prac last week, and got a 1 week mc. it was so bad. blood was everywhere (everywhere he went i mean).. hmm. so yeah. so gonna pray before i handle sharp things.. and teacher mentioned that in some of the frozen mushrooms, if you cut in half, there’ll be worms we have to scrape off? omg. i wanna die really. WORMS! but whatever it takes for me to learn! 😀 till that day comes… *shivers*

talk soon!


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