warning: (reaallyy) long entry

off! which is great. like finally. i mean, i was starting to think.. "ok, asfa, work and never stop" and suddenly, oh lookie! the roster says " / " for me on friday, i almost didnt recognize what the symbol means. k. thats an exaggeration. its really slow anyway nowadays, almost to a point its boring me to tears. but im telling you, if ever i were to leave, i think im gonna cry. i will miss my job terribly. i know, please shoot me. not that im in love with it or anything, but just because its a place where i actually.. well, at least i have somewhere to go. its not all a bed of roses.. but, ok im not gonna lie, its fun there. used to have more fun back at vivo though.. ok nevermind forget it. its nice here too.

i finally wore my white quilted adidas shoes, and they’re pinching like "ARRRGHHHHH BLODDYYYY HELLL" with all the spelling errors and expletives and all if it was written instead of shouting in my head. it was sooooo painful i kept going "uhuk uhukkkkk…" and whining to my partners. they couldnt do anything apart from looking on sympathetically. i actually limped home. ): i mean, it looked bloody good. BLOODY good. it was so pretty.. was.

ok fine! they still are, and always will be but ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHBLODDYHELLPINCHING. i dont know when i will brave it again.

so, tonight im actually supposed to meet 2 of my colleagues to go look for some things that we can get for the product seminar shit thats coming up. im actually reaaaaaally lazy for today and i just wanna sit home and.. oh, i dunno, maybe read ? ( i have SO MANY NEW BOOKS! ) and i forgot to mention i actually bought another one yesternight after work, met my sisters for dinner at kgc and then all 3 of us trotted to kinokuniya bookstore at bugis junction like the nerds that we are and started roaming around like people who havent seen daylight for years
*side glances at The Strange Tea*

kesian right?

so then, as always we are always lugging so many things. all 3 of us. i think its in the genes. exactly like that time i bought my sale books and met up with ST. deja vu.

( sorry, may i interrupt for awhile, as im typing all these the ST is like, breathing down my neck, grumping around, being restless and grumbling and shouting at me for no reason eg

ST: "Eh….. "
TAS: *theapplestar ignores n continues typing*
ST: "EHHHHH" *louder*
TAS: *theapplestar ignores n continues typing* 
ST: "HEYYYY????!!!"

i think she just needs to get out more. why not you join a yoga club or something.. mmkay? YOU NEED THERAPY WOMAN.

k. i think i strayed away from my original topic. the product seminar. summary:
– everyone is assigned into groups.
– every group is assigned a trend.
– have to dress the trend and do a short presentation about the trend in the form of moodboard, powerpoint or live demo.
– theres a freaking best-dressed contest for crying out loud. what the hell am i here for again?

which reminds me yesterday there was some magazine people that came over to feature our store or something.
mgmt said the staffs had a chance to get featured, so they were pressuring everybody to dress up. (everybody were quite excited)
in the end, no regular staff got featured and people seemed bummed. i just felt cheated. i wore a skirt cos i was scared mgmt would point me out and scold me for being drabby (sorry, excuse me, i meant casual). now i realize they just wanted us to look.. umm. nice for them visitors.
*huffs on behalf of bummed out staff*

ok. this prodsem thing is so troublesomeeeee.

yesterday i had one china couple in the morning.. they were asking me about one of the boots.
china girl’s boyfriend: "is this leaah-der???"
me: "………….. sorry, wha-?"
bf: "leaah-der.. wha terial ?" *rubs the boots*

i finally got it. maybe he had to rub the boots more so i got it. LOLWTFEWWWWWWWW. SOUND WRONG.

me: yes. its leather.

bf: "is this dog leaaah-der(theres dog leather? wtf?!! PETA!) or borg (pork) leahh-der?"

i dont bloody know what leather ok. they never say, but manager has told me to say its cow leather. so i said so..
and the couple nodded intelligently. so cute. i mean, damn. i should ask, does borg taste good? LOL. k im kidding. cute accent. hahahhhhahahahahahaah

for the past few days ive been having really runny nose and teary eyes, and it sucks. totally hating my sniffling and tearing. makes me feel like i should be in storeroom or not even doing retail, maybe move to india or macau and do weaving or something. i is miserable. (do macau people weave? im sorry. i suck at geography.) and i look Horrible with capital H. i dont even know how to serve customers without dripping all over them. i think i gave some of them trauma too by staring at them with my eyebags (mostly im staring cos im trying to hold back a sneeze, really.)
i dont even have to do anything but stare. the amazingness of eye(bags) power that can drive people away.

im STILL having a runny nose.. i wish i had magic powers.. then i can stuff my nose and make the tissue invisible..though how i’d explain why my left nostril looks bigger than the other, i dont know..
i really look posessed when im unwell. -.- sigh.

my notebook finished the other day so i took one that i found lying around (since a month ago which i never touch cos i still have mine). apparently its somebody’s though, with writing in it and all (mostly work stuffs) but then theres one page where the owner wrote "why everybody so fierce? i think everyone is very tired and all look so shag"
Lol. how adorkable. owner hasnt written any name so owner is still anonymous till now. your notebook is now mine. so say farewell to it k?

i just wanted to share, i hate (k, fine, dislike) it when customers want their friend to ask retail assist (aka me) something, and they refer me as "person"


"ask the person lah?"

i know i have serious egoitis.. and i should be glad they didnt say

"ask that piglet"


"ask the midget there.."

i mean, things could be worse right? tsk. *slaps self*

"ask that mucus dribbling mess of a person.."

noooooooo… *hides under blanket*

gotta go get ready. =/


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