Happy commercial hallmark holiday :)

Wow, it’s a really windy night tonight.. (I’m morning shift and I’m not asleep yet) ST said the windiness creeped her out when she came back home, I thought it was a PERFECT scene if it were a Tim Burton movie! I loved it. Love hearing the wind, loved the dark corners where the cats lurked and waited for me.. (creeping along the walls), I should stop, bottom-line, I love windy nights and full moons (in afew days)  🙂 

Otw to work was horrid. It was such a hot and humid weather, and I was really perspiring in the train, it was packed to the brim, couldn’t breatheeee, oh wait, one question.: WHY DO PEOPLE (most of them guys, as observed) HAVE TO PUT UP THEIR ARMS IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTS? why dammit, why?! 

And it’s really funny people act like it’s a first time whenever I wear a skirt. Lol. I think it’s.. Well, just funny. 

I have a colleague who wears a faux fur stole looking thing, and reminds me so hard of our cats and I said “can I stroke u?” how wrong can I sound? I should just tape my mouth next time. NEVER SPEAK AGAIN. 

And OMG wail please, everybody is leaving 😦 it’s very sad. This is depressing. Saaaave
what’s left of usssssss. Ok, lol, ya think? Fat hope. 

Anyway, I was just reminded: if you dislike somebody’s certain qualities, you can probably see that quality in yourself. We are all mirrors of each other. Scary shit. (and omg, reminds me of the book Day Watch, ‘mirror of the world’, seriously people, read this series if you’re into dark fantasy, like vampires, werewolves shit? U most probably would enjoy this, it is slightly different, but.. Well, you’ll like it! Trust me)

And I can’t believe this.. Is it just me, or do I have more freaks in my life than is required? I have people who are so in love with themselves and they go “I am so handsome!!” “I’m pretty! A perfect girl” and I am not even kidding you by making up these phrases, seriouuuusly, people actually say that. And.. In one day? It’s more than 5x. So… Savemesomeonefromthisshallowworld. It’s driving me nutssss

And I hurt my middle finger today, and it bled profusely
And I didn’t even know when or why or how. I only found out when I felt stickiness and I lifted up my palm and saw it splattered with bloodstains. What the.. -.-
And there was once I cracked my knuckles infront of a customer who was asking about sweet baby pink ballet flats. Such hostility Asfa.. One would almost think u hated pink.. (well, it’s not my most favorite color in the world..)
Look! I didn’t mean to appear hostile, it was an accident k. Stop backing off, or I’ll slap u with my neighbors dirty panties. (ew? OMG now y did I type that, now I’m gonna think about their underwear. WTFery. Can’t sleep. Nightmare.)

P.s haaaaTe fake and condescending people…………… Wait. Dislike people in general. But.. Ive been doing pretty well for afew months? *pats self n a treat of macdonalds* 

Need a book+picnic break soon. 
Oh, and I want a sleeping bag. I really do, shut up and don’t ask, just go get it for me. 
Maybe will go get kitties scratching post after work tmr 😀

UPDATED 1144pm: happy valentines day to our classy felines! Hope you guys will learn to use the new scratching post I got you all. It’s a cute paw shape in cream and navy blue. 🙂 please to use it for scratching and clawing.. Leave our furnis alone. Thank you vey much. 😀

Oh. Went grocery shopping with the ST! now have supplies of instant noodles (pepper crab flava anyone?) kit kats, a huge bottle of nutella and.. Cup ice creams. Heeee, very happy. Now I have loads of midnight snacks..

Oh. Titanic and then to bed.

P.s I woke up wishing maybe.. Being our cats might be nice.. It’s sleep all day, be picky about food, puke, get massages and brushing, and it’s back to bed.. Ok fine. I just struggled to wake up in the morning just now. I’m really tired. (is it crazy that I envy our cats a little?? :/ don’t answer that)

Note to self: interactive cat toys. They need it. The post I got them? Seemed big in the shop and I was lugging it all the way home, when I reached home, I realized our cats are just too big. We are talking miniature lions. Well, baby steps.


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