My makeup was unusually thick yesterday cos my powder cracked and I was trying to pile everything on my face with the thought that that will lessen wastage. -.- WTF was I thinking??? 
In my mind I was like “ohhhh must not waste cracked powdery dusts” *pats more powder dusts on face*

In the end, I still tipped them over into the sink. I can’t walk around with cracked powder in my makeup bag, I just can’t. 

And ofcourse skating rink would be closed yesterday of all the days AND I especially requested off for it and now I dunno if I can request weekend off again.. WTFery, thought of watching movie, Movie pales in comparison-.- I want fun and hysteria… Urgh. And I been wanting to go ice skating since I was 15. Bloody hell.

After Huge Disappointment re skating rink being closed for some stupid booking, we tried out the Singapore flyer and it was… Ummmmmmmmmm *10min* idk, I mean I did vaguely know what its like.. I’m sure I didn’t expect Gymnasts swinging about outside the capsules and onto the wheels themselves or someone offering me a rope to go repelling down *OMG so inspired by TB’s army experiences*, no.. Whatever. But… The stagnantness of it just….. *huge yawn* -.- but nvm. Experience. I’m no longer a flyer virgin. 

Is it funny that I’m more excited with the prospect of food than an actual activity? for example, TB was all brainstorming on activities we could do and I was like.. *foooooood* 
He came up with zoo (no.) , jurong bird park (no, close at 6), snow city (interesting, but no, I lol’d cos I suddenly remembered that time went with sisters and we were all tobogganing down slope and everyone’s trip was smooth except Myst Exile who would eventually flip herself over nearing the end of the slope, and she flips EVERY single time we did it, and did I mention nobody else had that problem? it was frigging funny) Marina barrage (no… Wait, ok can.. No wait, no.. It’s too hot..) so he was suggesting all these and I just wanted to eat and eat and eat. -.- WTFery. 

And It was so hot that I found myself telling myself “ok let’s brave the sun”, from the way it sounded, I might as well have said “ok let’s go to war”

TB gets impressed by alot of things. It’s adorable. I’m more of the blah blah yawn type. 

Hokay. It’s closing shift today.. Yawn. Be nice to people Asfa.. Wth am I here again for?? Oh wait I remember now..

P.s my shoes!!! Love em. 
Pps forgot to mention, watched The Rite yesterday after my bored to tears experience on the flyer. Movie was okay. Just.. Okay. 


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