Tiny update

All they saw was a poor guy having his head chewed off by his super bitch girlfriend. They didn’t see much else, and she was a monster at that moment.. her.. a monster..

Watched “Hereafter” today. I think its bad. But there’s Matt Damon, so all is well. 

Thank god there’s a break today and tomorrow. Really need a breather. Happy CNY! 🙂 and such lovely cold weather.. I could get used to this. Funny how it’s supposed to be “spring summer” in the fashion world (yet it’s raining n raining n being all lovely n cold), but I really couldn’t care less about that. About fashion and trends. I dunno what I’m doing here, but so far I’m doing pretty okay.. Nobody has caught me as a fraud.. yet. a little opinion from me: i really like personal style better, instead of turning all generic and uniform-ish and.. What dyou call it? Oh wait, yes, I remember, “trendy”. No. Trend isn’t my thing, I’m sorry. I really feel lost here. 

Then the other day (Monday 31st) when I was in one of my dark moods.. And absolutely not in the mood for customer service (I rarely am anyway, but I try) then came this green clad vagina face of a customer. Unsmiling. Arrogant. Bitch. 
Because it’s part of my jobscope, I smiled at her. She looked at me like theres something stuck up her arse and she passed by. I tried again, I said “hi..” she die-die refused to acknowledge my presence and kept looking at the products on display with her nose in the air. Because I was feeling very dark that day, I dunno what came over me and I walked behind her and said, “niceeee talking”. I dunno if she turned around, i didn’t bother to look, but she SHOULD have heard it else she seriously has some severe hearing disorders. Which she probably does. LOL. and maybe some disease in her backside she should have checked out, cos having that kind of expression on one’s face is really not natural. 

I’m probably gonna get a complaint one of these days. 
I don’t wish to care. I’m gonna snap when my mood calls for it. Ok no. Not all the time, I just get these uncontrollable urges once in awhile. 🙂 but I’m very sunny most of the time 

(LOL I know right.. If ST is reading she’s probably having a “u gotta be fucking kidding me” expression on her face)

Well! Tomorrow visiting ST’s photo exhibition (When Dreams Travel) then gonna go to the east. 

Currently reading: The Day Watch. 

Totally gonna talk about this book once I’m done. Just waaaait. Oh, and went kinokuniya again the other day and I’ve noted titles I want (there’s so many good titles nowadays, dammit)! I just havent segregate books I want just for the story (library), and books I want for my collection. 

So goodmorning.



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