Librarytrip & other rambles

Ah! It’s my RO today and tomorrow is my OFFday and.. I made a trip to the library!!! This feels reeaaaaaally good dammit. I borrowed 5 books! 3 from the pristine horror section (the section seemed untouched, few titles and free of visitors..) so I hung around! Books borrowed:

– The Day Watch, Sergei Lukyanenko (sisters have the DVDs on the shelf too.. Haven’t watched yet, think I’ll read first?)

– A Face in the Dark and Other Hauntings (collected stories of the supernatural), Ruskin Bond 

– Pandora Vittorio, The Vampire by Anne Rice
 (I grabbed this because there was once I asked The Strange Tea if we had any horror books. Apparently out of all the books in their shelf, neither of the sisters are horror fans. So no, we don’t have. A bummer for me. There’s only one thou, which was a birthday present from the sisters for me when I was 9 or 10 yrs old. It’s still a favorite of mine cos the stories are disturbing and creepy and the kind I could lose sleep for afew nights.. Which means they’re bloody good. Oh anyway the title, if anyone is interested, is Dare To Be Scared by Robert D. San Souci. It’s a collectors book to me. Umm, for me anyway, collectors book are most often than not, hard covers. And this one has good illustrations, by David Quimet, it says on the book. I dunno who’s he but as long as it pleases me, that’s all that matters. So anyway, to The Sisters, Strange Tea & MystExile, if I didn’t thank you when I was 9, I’m gonna thank you now for this book, ok fine. It’s 10 years gone. But still.. It’ll look gorgeous on my shelf. Ok I know I sidetracked, so I asked ST who’s the best writer for horror, she mentioned the 2 most popular horror writers, Stephen King and Anne Rice. So here I am, giving Anne Rice a go for the first time. Seriously don’t think I’ll be disappointed. )

– Poison Ink by Christopher Golden (young adults section), 
now this one is awesome. I finished reading it in the library in 4 hours. Really couldn’t put it down. It started out with the same old teenage high school thing going on.. How some of them who didn’t fit in and sort of floated among groups finally found each other, (ok, reminds me of me, seriously.) then the horror started when they made a pact to get tattoos of the same design together, to bond themselves, as sisters (Which I find fucking creepy, I really hate going all matchy2 with people, really. I haaaate having something that matches someone else’s and therefore I hate copycats, k stop the sidetrack, and anyway we’re talking 16year olds in this story.. So ok, peer pressure, whatever) since they were underaged, they worried about where to get their tattoos done, until one of them suggested this shady creep with a shady store that is all tinted glasses with a neon blue sign saying “open”, apparently MrShady does tattoos (although how one would ever know from the outside is a mystery) so the main character backed out at the last minute after her friends already got tattooed and they fell out. Sooner her friends became complete psychopaths and werent the same persons as she knew them cos the tattoos are dark magic. so Yup. Its a good book, I’m aware this is a spoiler but I don’t really care, Really bloody scenes on the later parts.. Mr Golden’s writing is descriptive and vivid, which I like.. I enjoyed this alot. 🙂 recommend to anyone who wants to read creepy. (ok fine. I’m on a horror frenzy anyway.. So promote!)

The last book.. 
– The Weiser Field Guide to Witches by Judika Illes. This is purely for fun. 🙂 can’t wait to read it. 

Sigh.. So content right now. 
Always have a magnum ice cream while reading. Cheered me up.. Anyway, tomorrow maybe meeting The JAC again.. Or not..

Also it’s been difficult for me each time to leave for work (and just now before I left for the library) because I’m gonna start feeling bad leaving my baby boy Owinge 😦 usually he sees me off but nowadays he’s been very.. Clingy. He wakes me up every morning (starts pawing my face) and he wants me to carry him and cuddle and snuggle him all the time and it’s bad cos when I’m ready to go, I’ll get fur all over my clothes and have to brush myself off at the bustop.. HE leaves me feeling guilty that I’m leaving him yet again. Then at the door he’ll sidle up to my side and give me a very cute heartbreaking mew and not let me step out (like he’s saying please don’t go) then I wanna step out and he’ll give me the “can I come along” act. 

Dear Owinge, my little snugglebutt, if you’re reading, please know that I would bring you EVERYWHERE if I could, I swear, cos I love u so much.. If I brought u to work, I’m pretty sure sales would go up, I’d pitch it to the manager but I don’t think you’d like so many people around.. I miss u so much everytime I’m at work, I even get sad about it then I’ll keep thinking how u looked like that morning, and wonder if you’ve gotten any shoutings from The Tiger cos of your mischief (please behave.. And have manners, I taught u manners, stop bullying Loomie) and then I’ll have imaginary conversations with you in the shoe storeroom to tell you what a complete pain some customers are being and how crap I feel, and I just wanna say that makes me feel better, talking to you. If only you could hold a phone and had thumbs, I’d call you on my breaks, which would be creepy so push that thought away, just keep being your awesome, charming and cute furry self k. I love you and the rest.. Very very very very much. 

Your biped sister (or gf, or mother. Whatever. I accept any role u give me)

Ok that’s all. Night2 🙂 not gonna be late for bedtime tonight.


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